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Technology is great but it can be impersonal. Technology that connects people in the most personal way is the most popular technology. That’s why Facebook has quickly become the 800-pound gorilla of social networking.

NAPT members have told us time and time again they really like the personal aspect of the service we provide. In fact, they have come to expect a personal touch from us. We have therefore created a blog spot that will enable you to get useful information and answers to questions on a very personal level albeit via mass communication.

In case you aren’t familiar with blogs, they are the 21st Century version of the old fashioned diary – except the author wants everyone to read the entries. Blogs, like diaries, generally represent the personality of the author. A blog often also reflects the purpose of the Web site that hosts it. We hope our blog spot will do both.

We have invited 10 people serve as our Blog Squad. Alexandra Robinson, Dr. Linda Bluth, Donald Tudor, Karen Losch, Peter Mannella, Murrell Martin, Steve Kalmes and Peter Lawrence have each been invited to participate in the project because we beliiteve they have valuable information to share with NAPT members and we want people to be able to interact with them and ask questions of them in an open-ended format. In other words, we want everyone to benefit from their expertise and knowledge.

For example, one of our bloggers is Barry McCahill. For most of his federal government career, Barry was the senior public affairs official for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Barry served as one of the primary spokespersons for federal transportation policy under eight Secretaries of Transportation before he retired from NHTSA in 1996. He was on the strategy team that devised the national campaign that increased safety belt usage to the high levels now the practice in the United States. He also helped create the nationally acclaimed seat belt "spokesdummies," Vince and Larry, and Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk public service advertising campaigns.

We’ve got 9 other equally impressive bloggers that are available to answer your questions and give out a regular dose of tips or personal opinions for the benefit of NAPT members. The topics they are willing to discuss generally fit into one of 5 categories: Communication, Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Resources/Research. Barry likes to talk about politics or government or regulatory issues but he also has opinions about professional growth, education and training. Alexandra Robinson is a nationally – in fact, internationally – recognized expert on issues involving students with special needs but she also has an interest in and knowledge about management challenges and human resource issues. All in all, you have at your disposal a variety of unique, interesting and sometimes unexpected perspectives from local directors, state directors and state association executives that you are sure to enjoy and will find incredibly useful..

The best part about our Blog Squad is that our bloggers will interact with you and answer your questions in a variety of ways. Some of our bloggers type, some will use videos and some will do both. Most of the blogs will be relatively short so it doesn’t take long to get the information; the video blogs (vlogs) are typically about 5 minutes and the text blogs are generally between 200 to 500 words. If you want more information or have something to say about a blog, there are forums where viewers/readers can communicate with the bloggers and each other.

If you have been reading carefully, you have probably noticed we have mentioned 9 of our bloggers. The final blogger? Our Executive Director, Mike Martin. He’s been with NAPT for 15 years and if he doesn’t know the answer to your question, he knows where to find it. So ask away. Our Blog Squad will do their best to answer any and all of your questions.

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