Membership Information

Membership Information


The National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT), which was created in 1974 and is headquartered in Albany, NY, is a nonprofit organization (IRC §501 (c) (6)) that supports a $10.5 billion industry of over 500,000 people who transport more than 24 million children every school day.

NAPT is the school transportation industry's largest and most diverse membership organization. Professional school transportation personnel from both the public and private sector, school bus manufacturers and after-market service and product suppliers, come together through NAPT and help us develop and provide a wide variety of education and information services.

This cooperation and diversity offers NAPT members a dynamic, global community of experiences and therefore an unsurpassed opportunity to become better professionals and leaders in the pupil transportation industry.


NAPT members receive creative solutions to today's business challenges through cutting-edge educational programs, unsurpassed information and research, and thought provoking communications in a variety of formats.

We help our members and the industry by focusing on:


We strive to constantly and effectively expand communication within the pupil transportation industry as well as to the general public on the industry’s behalf.

NAPT is known for being one of the school transportation industry’s most progressive and innovative users of electronic media; in fact, NAPT launched one of the school transportation industry’s first websites on the Internet ( in the early 1990’s. We send members regular e-mail updates about important industry issues and publish our own newsletter (The NAPT Dispatch) and video blog (NAPTV).  In addition to these activities and projects, NAPT provides the content for News & Views from NAPT, published each month by School Bus Fleet magazine.


We strive to expand the scope and frequency of professional growth opportunities for pupil transportation personnel by sponsoring and participating in educational activities that promote a greater understanding of pupil transportation operations and management.

The NAPT Professional Development Series is the industry's only comprehensive training program designed exclusively for school transportation professionals.  We offer nearly 40 different courses and are constantly evaluating new topics for training potential.  In addition to providing numerous internet-based educational opportunities, we also offer workshops and regularly participate in state and local pupil transportation conferences across the country.

NAPT also sponsors the country’s premier school transportation conference, which features the world’s largest exhibit of school transportation products and services and offers an unmatched opportunity to network with leaders in the pupil transportation industry around the world, and co-sponsors the National Congress of School Transportation (, an industry-wide summit that produces the widely acclaimed National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures.

Government Relations

We establish and/or foster relationships that will enable the industry to influence local, state and national initiatives that affect pupil transportation.

Members of the NAPT Public Policy Committee, Board of Directors and staff go to Washington, DC on a regular basis to discuss, debate and promote a variety of school bus safety issues in Congress and with important transportation safety agencies, like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). In addition,NAPT provides the industry's only online SchoolTransportation Advocacy Center, where members can utilize the nation’s premier legislative information service to quickly and easily send Congress an email or letter to reinforce the grassroots voice of the industry.


We encourage and/or foster research on important issues related to pupil transportation safety and disseminate this information to pupil transportation personnel, school district administrators, safety and transportation experts and the general public.

In 1999, NAPT created a 501(c)(3) affiliate, The NAPT Foundation, Inc. ( to conduct and collect original research, analyze industry trends and measure public opinions about school bus transportation.In addition, NAPT publishes special interest reports, like Dr. Cal LeMon’s acclaimed “Report Card on School Bus Safety” and Dr. Linda Bluth’s frequently quoted manual on “Transporting Students With Disabilities”, to foster broad-based industry knowledge.

We strive to enhance the reputation of the pupil transportation industry by promoting positive press and balanced reporting of school bus safety-related stories.

NAPT created and has sponsored since 1998 the School Bus Information Clearinghouse (, a well-known source of statistics, reports and other pertinent information about school bus safety. NAPT is also one of the founding members of the American School Bus Council (, a coalition created in 2006 to inform parents, school officials and lawmakers about the essential role the yellow school bus plays in the safety, health, and security of America’s schoolchildren while providing access to school. In addition, NAPT co-sponsors and administers the longstanding “National School Bus Safety Week” - and its prestigious national school bus safety poster contest - as well as a comprehensive program of awards that honor school transportation professionals who perform acts of heroism or achieve safety-related excellence.

Member Benefits

We work constantly to develop, enhance/expand and offer specific services and resources that will directly benefit pupil transportation personnel.

We listen to people in the field at every opportunity and use the feedback we receive and the information we gather to develop our member benefits. For example, the NAPT Professional Development Series (PDS) Classes offered through NAPT State Associations and sponsoring organizations are offered to NAPT members at reduced pricing. In addition, every NAPT individual member is eligible to receive $10,000 of Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance from one of the nation’s largest insurance services providers - Guardian Life Insurance Company – at no additional cost simply by virtue of membership in the Association. In short, NAPT makes every effort to bring our members the benefits they want and need.

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