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    NAPT Safety & Security
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Once again, our nation confronts a senseless, horrific tragedy that involves one of our most trusted public services.

At this writing we still await police investigation details about what happened yesterday afternoon in Midland City, Alabama when a school bus driver was reportedly killed and a 6-year old child kidnapped and held hostage. In the meantime, we mourn the loss of one of our own and we lament the terrifying situation children witnessed.

School bus drivers are trained in situational awareness, safety and security. But in a free society there are unlimited opportunities for those bent on inflicting harm, and the most vulnerable often are the targets.

NAPT is participating with others nationally to develop ideas and strategies to make schools and school transportation safer and more secure in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown. Now, that conversation will be expanded.

Clearly, this incident re-sounds the clarion call for a serious national conversation about safety and security in education. School buses are our safest mode of transportation. But they must also be as secure as possible. Our children and grandchildren also ride in school buses, and we are pledged to nothing less than the highest security standards for the children entrusted to us each school day, and those who drive them.