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    What is NAPTV

    NAPTV is a online video blog series featuring the NAPT Executive Director Mike Martin. NAPTV is produced entirely in house at NAPT headquarters in Albany, NY and it is just one way that we are communicating with our members about current events and interesting topics.

    In addition to substantive information, you can expect Mike to offer commentary on a wide variety of issues and brief philosophical musings, not all of which will be directly or specifically related to school transportation.

    Can I sponsor NAPTV?

    Show partnerships are available, if you are interested please call 1-800-989-NAPT or contact us via Email.

    Questions or Comments

    Please direct any questions or comments to NAPT by calling 1-800-989-NAPT or fax (518)218-0867. You can also email NAPTV. If you would like you may email Mike or Josh directly.