Recommended Products

National Association for Pupil Transportation

The NAPT Board may recommend from time to time a product or service(s) to NAPT members when the NAPT Board believes:
1. the type of product or service is essential to personal growth and development, staff development, human resources management, or operational safety and efficiency;
2. the product or service is sold only by a business affiliate member of NAPT (called a NAPT Business Partner);
3. the product or service is offered to NAPT members at the lowest available retail price; and
4. the product or service is available at that price to NAPT members only.

Our goal is to help our members shop and buy with confidence, knowing that we will only recommend a product when we have assurance it will be available to our members at the lowest available retail price. The NAPT Board will not evaluate the products or services themselves. The criteria we have created and specified above are the sole criteria of evaluation.

Before any product or service is recommended by the NAPT Board, the provider of that product or service must execute a written agreement with NAPT stipulating, among other things, that the company offering the NAPT recommended product or service will not enter into any endorsement or promotional agreement with any other national, regional, state or local association for pupil transportation or other nonprofit organization whose field of membership is substantially similar to that of NAPT.

NAPT has also created a special logo to identify any products or services the Board recommends. The black circle logo in the center of the page above is a trademark and the property of NAPT; the Board will grant a license to use it only to NAPT Business Partner members in good standing. Look for the NAPT Recommended Product logo as a sign of the best price you will get on products and services in the school transportation industry.

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NAPT Recommended Products