Share the Benefits and Opportunities of NASL Membership

Share the Benefits and Opportunities of NASL Membership


The long term and post acute care policies, regulations, and environment are ever-changing. NASL members indicate that the primary reasons they join and sustain their membership are:


1. To improve outcomes for the providers and communities they serve; and

2. To be part of a group of prominent LTPAC professionals who have the power to influence healthcare legislation and regulations affecting their business.


These purposes will continue to evolve as your company plays a more active role in the Association.


NASL needs your influence and involvement to expand our representation and strengthen our voice by inviting like-minded colleagues into our organization. After all, YOU are the greatest testimony to the benefit of membership!


We are asking you to share those benefits with your fellow professionals by inviting them to join NASL.  



Why Refer a Colleague?


By influencing a colleague or industry professional to join NASL you will:

  • Play an integral role in helping NASL advance quality of care provided to long term and post acute care patients and residents;
  • Strengthen NASL to ensure our voices are heard and the rights of the industry are protected; and
  • Expand your network of long term and post acute care professionals.


How do you invite colleagues?


It’s easy to invite colleagues!  Pass along an overview of member benefits (PDF) and membership application to the organization that would benefit from a relationship with us, and remind them to use your name on the “NASL Sponsor” line.


Simply click on the titles below to find the materials you need to invite colleagues into our organization.


E-mail Template from Members to Non-Members (Word)

Downloadable Membership Application (PDF)

Join NASL Online


Questions? Need Printed Brochures and Flyers?

Contact NASL at or 202-803-2385. Thank you for helping us recruit future NASL members.