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Educational webinars are a great way for you to take advantage of learning without leaving your office.  NASM has presented a number of timely and educational webinars to members.  If you are interested in presenting a webinar, please complete and return a webinar presentation form to NASM.

Archived webinars available:

  • 11/17/15:  CRM for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • 10/28/15:  Renewing or Ending Your Supply Relationships With Dealers:  What Does The PMPA Require?
  • 7/15/15:  Contracts and Legal Advice Available Through NASM
  • 5/20/15:  EMV - Is the Glass Half Full?
  • 4/23/14:  Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership for Fuel Dispensers
  • 2/26/14:  Illuminate Your Brand with Cree LED Lighting Products
  • 1/19/14:  Make the Most from Your POS
  • 10/24/13:  Retail Automation: Friend or Foe?
  • 7/18/13:  Defending Your Business Against Cyber Attack
  • 6/20/13:  Now That ObamaCare Is Here, What Does It Mean For My Business
  • 4/18/13:  How to Build a Frontline That Builds Your Bottom Line
  • 3/19/12:  Why LED Lighting: Benefits and Value to the C-Store Operator
  • 8/3/11:  Skimming & Identity Theft
  • 2/16/11:  Health Care Reform: The "Reader's Digest" Version
  • 11/15/10:  Making Your Mark: The Importance of Branding in Convenience
  • 9/30/10:  SPCC Regulations
  • 6/24/10:  Maintaining Sales Before and After an Acquisition
  • 6/1/10:  Have You Taken Advantage Of The Contracts And Legal Advice Available Through NASM?
  • 5/17/10:  Bringing the Wow Back to Foodservice
  • 4/20/10:  Fuels Profit Tune-Up
  • 3/9/10:  Get Your Sales MBA
  • 2/22/10:  Green By Design: Cost Cutting Strategies With Big Results
  • 12/9/09:  Co-Branding with Nationally Recognized Franchised Food Offers

Contact NASM for more information about viewing an archived webinar at nasm@nasmonline.com or (888) 340-NASM (6276).

Are you interested in presenting a webinar?  Click here to download the Webinar Presentation Proposal Form.


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