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MAR Notes from the Legal Hotline - July 2016   MAR Legal Staff, 7/11/2016

On June 21, 2016, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration has finalized the first operational rules for routine commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or “drones”). Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the operation of drones and how the new ruling impacts the Real Estate Industry.

MAR Notes from the Legal Hotline - June 2016   MAR Legal Staff, 6/1/2016

Messaging via text and email can satisfy the Statute of Frauds. Realtors® should be aware that negotiations through text and email may bind clients to an agreement. Therefore, great caution should be used when communicating through these means.

Notes from the MAR Legal Hotline - May 2016    MAR Legal Staff, 5/1/2016

Solar panels continue to be a hot topic as more properties coming onto the market have panels. Find out what questions you should ask and how this impacts both sides of a transaction.

Notes from the MAR Legal Hotline - April 2016   MAR Legal Staff, 4/1/2016

The MAR legal department continues to hear about scams that REALTORS® should be aware of. The most common scam currently affecting the real estate industry is known as the “Business E-mail Compromise” or “BEC.” Check out the article to find information on this scam.

Notes from the MAR Legal Hotline - March 2016   MAR Legal Staff, 3/3/2016

This edition answers questions about Marketing Service Agreements & RESPA