Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • 2017 NEPTA Board of Directors
    Board of Directors The governing body of the Association shall be the Board of Directors, who shall be empowered to act for the membership on behalf of the Association and shall have full power to do any and all things necessary or desirable in conducting business of the Association consistent with the current bylaws. The NorthEast Passenger Transportation Association (NEPTA) Officers and Directors are voted on by the membership at the NEPTA Annual Meeting.  The NEPTA Nominating Committee presented the following slate to serve as the 2017 NEPTA Executive and Directors.  The slate was voted unanimously at the NEPTA Annual Dinner Meeting December 1, 2016.
  • Maintenance Committee
    NEPTA Maintenance Committee recently formed in 2013 to host discussions with maintenance representatives from Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The committee goal is to meet twice a year to gather and share maintenance information throughout the NEPTA membership. The committee shall consist of NEPTA Board Members and maintenance personnel from transit properties or transit agencies. Committee members must be a NEPTA member in good standing.
  • 2017 Finance Committee
    A. This committee shall consist of six (6) Individuals, four (4) Board Members, Treasurer/Clerk, and the current President. This committee shall be responsible for reviewing the Association’s finances, making recommendations for conference fees and evaluating scholarship applications and making recommendations to the Executive Board for scholarship winners.
  • 2017 Nominating Committee
    Nominating Committee: A. This committee will be composed of six (6) members to include the President, the Vice-President, and four (4) Board Members. B. This committee shall meet prior to the Annual Meeting to nominate Officers and Directors for the coming year to be elected at the Annual Meeting.
  • 2017 Program Committee
    Program Committee: A. This committee shall consist of seven (7) Board Members and the Vice-President. The seven (7) Board Members shall be appointed by the Vice President. B. This committee shall be responsible for establishing programs for the Association’s quarterly meeting, including the Annual Conference and Expo, other meetings and training sessions as may needed or requested by other Agencies.