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Welcome to the NOA member services section. Look for answers to FAQs.

Dues Status: To view your current dues status, go to "My Information" and select "Edit/View My Information." Your current dues status and dues expiration date will be displayed.

Dues Payment:​ Select "Pay dues and Invoices." Any open dues orders (unpaid dues reminders) will be displayed. If you make a dues payment, it will apply to the next year for which you owe dues, even if that year has already past or if it is yet to come.

Your login is your email address. If your email login does not work, it means that we do not have a current email address on file. In this case, you may email rhansen@noa.org with "update" in the subject line. Your email will be updated and you will be able to log on. Or, if you prefer, you may follow the enrollment procedures for new members and your new information will be consolidated with your current records.

If you are not currently a member, and wish to  join NOA, we welcome you. To enroll, select login, and you will be prompted to our New Visitor Registration. Follow three easy steps to complete your membership. Membership will become active once your dues payment is received.

Once you are logged in, please update your contact and other information using "My Information."

​You may:

  • Search the "Individual" or "Organization" directories.
  • Check "My Committees" to monitor your committee's activities and to contact your committee.
  • Use "Committee Chairs" to learn who chairs NOA committees.
  • Check "Pay Dues and Invoices" to renew your dues or review previous financial activity.
  • Use "Online Store" for entry fees and purchases of publications.
  • Select "Convention" to register for the annual convention.
  • View past issues of NOANotes
  • View and download current and past volumes of The Opera Journal.


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