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Our business is all about connection, to buyers, sellers, lenders, insurance companies, closing agents, appraisers and everyone else that helps us close a transaction. Our most important connection, however, is with each other. Success in our industry depends on our active participation within our organization.

We all played connect the dots as young children, drawing a line from one number to the next to form a complete picture. What we do as REALTORS® is very similar, guiding our clients through the process of ultimately buying, selling or leasing real property. Continually working to improve that process is part of what we do as REALTORS®, and a very important part of our organization as a whole.

Together, we can make great things happen. Join us in continuing to connect the dots throughout this year and beyond for all our benefit. United, we thrive. As a REALTOR®, you are part of an elite group and the world's largest trade association. The more than 1.3 million members who make up the REALTOR® organization creates incredible power. That power translates to numerous benefits for every member. Your NAR dues contribute to the ongoing success of our industry, and your business. Those dues provide all of us with the necessary resources, education, competitive advantages and rights representation needed to continue our successes while protecting home buyers and sellers. In return, you also receive numerous benefits that far outweigh the $120 of your annual dues attributable to National. As a matter of fact, the REALTOR® brand alone generates an average of $32,000 in incremental income for every REALTOR® during his or her membership.

Protecting Our Profession

  • Government Affairs: We're in Washington, fighting every day for our profession. Find out what we're doing right now, and how you can get involved.
  • RPAC: Help us raise funds to gain influence with decision makers
  • Technology: From SentriLock to REALTOR.com® , use these technology resources to your advantage

Competitive Advantage

  • Education: Earn designations and stay informed in this ever-changing industry.
  • Advertising: See how we're making a difference with consumers, and how you can leverage the REALTOR® brand to your advantage
  • Code of Ethics: Show your clients what sets REALTORS® apart from the rest.


  • REALTOR® Magazine: A $56 value, the magazine is provided free to NAR members.
  • REALTOR.org: Find a wealth of information and the latest industry news online, any time.
  • ProQuest Database: More than 1,400 business, financial and real estate industry publications are available, free of charge, to NAR members.

Practical Solutions and Savings

  • REALTOR® Benefits Partners: These solutions provide you with value-added offers and discounts on products and services'and result in additional revenue to help keep NAR dues low.
  • REALTOR® Benefits Publications: Hundreds of industry publications are available online at the REALTOR.org Store to help you continue to succeed. We are constantly working with key decision makers in Washington to represent our industry and best interests as REALTORS® . As we work to maintain and improve our industry, we represent your interests through extensive Government Affairs activities.
  • RPAC: The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) raises voluntary funds from REALTORS® to contribute to candidates® campaigns at the national, state and local level. RPAC is one of the most influential PACs in Washington and around the nation. We use that political influence to support candidates who support public policies beneficial to REALTORS® .
  • REALTOR® Action Center: The REALTOR® Action Center sees to it that officials, once elected, turn their promises into action that we and homeowners can benefit from. The changes made in Washington affect how we do business every day. We support the issues you care about most in Congress, and follow through with key people to better our industry at large. But those battles aren't won overnight. They take a long time and are the culmination of a lot of hard work by all 1.3 million of us. Thousands of bills are introduced during every session of Congress; each one can be considered for months or even years before it becomes law. Make your voice heard by registering at www.REALTORActionCenter.com and responding to "Calls For Action" sending messages to members of Congress on legislation that directly affects you.

Together, we leverage power to affect governmental decisions that are relevant to our industry and in the best interests of all REALTORS® and the American people. Sometimes, it's hard to see the result of these day-to-day decisions. The reality is, they are changing the way people buy and sell houses, and these victories are benefiting you with every transaction.

As a REALTOR® , you are set apart from the rest. Clients trust you with the intimidating task of buying and selling a home, and rest easy knowing that you are an absolute professional. Only members of NAR can call themselves a REALTOR®.

The REALTOR® Brand

As a registered, collective membership mark, the REALTOR® brand is something only you can use as a member of NAR. Consumers know that there's a difference between a licensee and a REALTOR®, and they demand REALTORS® . In fact, a recent study concludes the REALTOR® brand generates an average of $32,000 in incremental income for every REALTOR® during his or her membership. To maintain its power in setting us apart, the membership mark must be preserved and used properly. Please refer to our trademark guidelines online in the Law & Policy section of REALTOR.org.

REALTOR® Pride Campaign

The strength of 1.3 million members is a powerful branding tool that should not be overlooked. REALTORS® represent trust and professionalism'qualities that consumers demand when searching for someone to help them make such an important decision as buying a home. As a REALTOR®, you are the person they're requesting. Actively promoting your involvement in NAR as a REALTOR® spells real success for your business. Wear your REALTOR® pin and incorporate the REALTOR® "R" into your marketing materials to make sure your clients know that you're someone they can trust. Use the power of all of us to propel yourself toward success, promote yourself as a REALTOR®.

Public Awareness Campaign

Consumers know that we're the gold standard when it comes to buying and selling homes. Every year, their trust in us grows thanks to our Public Awareness Campaign. To keep increasing our presence in the marketplace, NAR creates an advertising campaign each year that highlights the significant benefits of choosing a REALTOR® . Now in our tenth year, the campaign goes beyond educating and persuading consumers about the value of hiring a REALTOR® . The new ads encourage consumers to consider real estate as a strong long-term investment and to contact a REALTOR® in their local market with the call to action, "Every market's different, call a REALTOR® today". Ads continuing to air from 2006 also highlight the honesty and integrity REALTORS® bring to every transaction by committing to a Code of Ethics, and explain that REALTORS® have the experience to market a seller's home more effectively, so it can sell for up to 16% more than selling without representation.

As REALTORS® , we follow a strict Code of Ethics that non-members cannot lay claim to. Our Code represents honor, integrity and service in our industry. It guides us through our daily interactions with clients, the public and each other. And it sets us apart from everyone else.

Mandatory Ethics Training

As one of the primary differentiators of being a REALTOR® , there may be no other issue that is more important. That's why all REALTORS® are required to complete Ethics Training every four years to ensure members are upholding the high standard defined by the Code. For your convenience, you can complete your training online at REALTOR.org or through your Local Board.

No matter what your needs are, you can find help at your National, State, and Local Board levels. Welcome to the REALTOR® family. We appreciate your membership.



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