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At a time when our businesses need a boost, no one is better suited to talk about the impact of public policy than our members and their employees – they  work hard each and every day, contribute to their communities and see firsthand the impact public policy decisions can have on a business and on the bottom line.

The OPMCA PAC allows members and individuals to exercise their Constitutional rights “to petition the government for a redress of grievances” by contributing to the PAC in the manner prescribed by law. In doing so, the collective voice of our members and interested parties is made stronger, in turn so too is our impact on public policy decisions affecting the petroleum marketing and retailing industry.

For members and their employees, the OPMCA PAC is a unified way to help elect candidates who understand the issues facing our industry.  We are all aware of the impact elections can have and the consequences of poorly crafted public policy. The issues important to our members run the spectrum – from the business agenda, budgetary matters and complicated legal issues to energy, the environment, regulatory matters, and much, much more. With so many issues, we must support candidates who understand our positions so we are treated fairly during public policy debates.

When it comes to politics, there is a great deal at stake for businesses in the petroleum marketing and retailing industry. By donating to the OPMCA PAC you are making a political statement that cannot be misinterpreted – you stand behind your industry and you support policymakers who understand our positions.

Our Mission
OPMCA PAC supports and helps to elect decision makers who are responsive to the concerns of the petroleum and convenience industry, is active in alleviating restrictive statutory and regulatory burdens and is committed to promoting a strong free-market economy.

OPMCA PAC Authorization Card
Make sure you are authorized to contribute to OPMCA PAC. Click here to download the OPMCA PAC Authorization Card.

OPMCA PAC is required by federal law to obtain valid written authorizations from members that are designated by calendar year. Multiple year authorizations are permitted.

Stand Up For Our Industry. Invest in OPMCA PAC.
Join a group of dedicated members who are working to ensure our voice is heard by officeholders who understand your challenges and who are committed to your success. Simply write a personal check payable to ‘OPMCA PAC’ and mail it to:
17 S. High St, Suite 810
Columbus, OH 43215

Or, to contribute using a personal credit card, simply complete the OPMCA PAC credit card authorization form, and mail it to the address listed above.

For more information on OPMCA PAC, or how political action committees (PAC) work, please contact Jennifer Rhoads at 614.947.8646 x1 or at jrhoads@opmca.org.









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17 S. High Street, Suite 810, Columbus, OH 43215  P: 614.947.8646  F: 614.947.8648  W: opmca.org
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