Donate to the PAA Fund

Supporting the PAA Fund is a great way to honor a favorite colleague, support critical PAA programs such as the Travel Awards, or to help keep your favorite awards going.

Ways to Give

You can easily donate to our various programs through our online store.  Links and information about the various fundraising programs are below:

Make Your Gift Now
This is the most straightforward way to donate to the PAA Fund.  You can donate any amount that you like and your gift will be used for general PAA support.

The Honor a Colleague program is a wonderful way to personalize your contribution to PAA.  You, or a group of people may donate in honor of a colleague, mentor, or friend.  When donations reach a total of $5000, the honoree will have a page on the PAA website including their picture, a brief essay on his or her accomplishments, and the list of those who contributed toward the tribute.  View the list of current honorees.

Dorothy Swayne Thomas Award
This award is presented annually and recognizes an outstanding graduate student paper on the interrelationships among social, economic, and demographic variables.  The PAA Awards Committee is looking to increase the endowment for this award to ensure its continuity into the future.

PAA President's Discretionary Fund
This fund supports special sessions at the PAA Annual Meeting or to help the President fund other opportunities during the term of their presidency.