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Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International Office: PO Box 33150 Denver, CO 80233
Voice:  800-369-7433  or  (303) 452-1212
Fax: (303) 252-4610

Please note:  Because of increased computer virus activity, e-mail without a subject line or with a suspicious subject line will be deleted unread.

Office Staff
Chief Executive Officer: Kathy Alm
        Administrative Assistant:  Margo Parks ext. 101
    Finance and Human Resources: ext 110
Carolyn Malcheski
Accounting Admin: Peggy Smith ext. 107
    Marketing Director:
Kaye Marks ext. 117
Communications Coordinator and Webmaster: Cher Smith ext. 123 
Conference & Events Coordinator: Jaime Covington ext.125
Events Assistant: Amanda Walters
         Sponsorship/Development Manager: Megan Ferry ext. 107
   Programs and Membership Director: 
Sam Albrecht ext. 127
Membership Operations Manager: Carrie Garnett ext. 116 
Programs and Education Manager: 
Jeff Kelling ext. 112
         Certifications Coordinator: 
Bret Maceyak ext. 114
         Credentialing Programs Coordinator and Accreditation: Stephani Viktora-Anderson ext. 104
         Membership Coordinator:  Karen Province ext. 103

         Member Services - Individual/Fulfillment: Kim Hall ext. 119
         Member Services - Certification:  Rachel Moore ext. 126
Member Services - Center Membership:  Kimberly Price ext. 111

          Member Service-Reception:  Britteny Holdman ext. 103