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What is CER?

Carol Rossignol, 8/19/2010

November/December 2007

What is CER?


At the 2007 Governing Council meeting last May in Reno, Nevada U.S. Figure Skating passed a motion requiring a Continuing Education Requirement (CER) for coaches.  The U.S. Coaches Committee was tasked to work out the details to bring to the May 2008 Governing Council meeting in Denver, CO.  

    A task force was struck under the Coaches Committee Chair, Jackie Brenner, with Heidi Thibert to chair the task force.  The Task Force has had many meetings working out all the details and is composed of representatives from coaches, athletes, U.S. Figure Skating staff and PSA staff members.


Who will this requirement affect?

CER will eventually affect all coaches.  Initially it will affect coaches that have skaters participating in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events and above starting in 2009.

    Coaches have been defined and clarified into three levels with a fourth level to include support staff such as, fitness consults, sport psychologists, ballet teachers, etc.  The levels are as follows:

Level A:  Coaches and instructors 18 years of age or older that only instruct Group classes.

Level B: Professional coach/choreographer of skaters participating in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events such as:

  U.S. Figure Skating Tests (Pre Preliminary and up)

  Performance Activities (Ice shows, carnivals, exhibitions, etc.)

  Non-qualifying Competitions

  Member Club Ice Activities

Level C: Professional coach/choreographer of qualifying competition skaters:

   “One who is actively engaged for remuneration in the teaching, coaching or instruction of figure skating as a profession.”

   “A person hired and paid to coach individual athletes or teams, who is responsible for managing their careers by conveying both theoretical understanding and practical instruction, and who is either employed by a facility/club/team or as an independent contractor.”

Level D: Professional Sport Science and Support Staff:  Must submit a signed affidavit stating that their credentials are current and they are able to produce proof of current professional credentials in their field of expertise.

    Foreign coaches that coach U.S. Figure Skating athletes at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events will be required to fulfill the same requirements as U.S. coaches.

    ISI coaches are invited and welcome to participate in continuing education.  ISI coaches who coach at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events are required to meet the same continuing education requirements in order to do so.


How many credits will be required?

Coaches will be required to fulfill a minimum number of core credits annually.  This will be referred to as Annual Core Credits (ACC) and the number will be determined by the highest level of skater that they are currently coaching and could change from year to year depending upon the level of their skaters.

    Core credits would come from Sport Safety, Ethics Training, U.S. Figure Skating Rules, and IJS Rules.

    Coaches will be required to fulfill the ACC’s in the discipline area of their skater(s) that they are currently coaching; i.e. IJS Pair rules for coaches coaching Pair Skating.


What opportunities will there be for earning ACC’s?

All educational events (seminars, workshops, conference, etc.) delivered by both the PSA and U.S. Figure Skating will receive credits based upon content and length according to the current system used to evaluate educational offerings.

    The PSA’s new online learning system will be made available with proficiency tests to complete.


How will the credits expire?

The annual core credits for each coaching level will expire annually and will need to be fulfilled every year.  Credits will expire on June 30th of each year.

    Any credits earned above the minimum level of ACC will expire in the current method used by the PSA for Ratings.  The PSA required 28 credits in a three-year period for retaining an “active” rating will not change.

    Coaches will receive a three (3) month notice and a 30-day notice that credits are due for expiration.  Coaches will be given 20 calendar days of probationary status before their membership status becomes inactive.


When will the Continuing Education Requirement go into effect?

The CER task force requests that the proposal be declared urgent and go into effect at the close of the May 2008 Governing Council so that coaches would have 14 months to gain the required annual core credits (ACC) and be compliant with the CER by July 1, 2009.


What will be the penalty for non-compliance?

When a coach is not in compliance with the requirement, the coach would be considered to be an “inactive” member of both U.S. Figure Skating and PSA, and the ability to work with athletes at sanctioned events would be withheld.

    Coaches in non-compliance would not be eligible for PSA Rating tests or Ranking reviews.


How will the penalty be enforced and who will enforce it?

The enforcement for non-compliance will be a joint effort of PSA and U.S. Figure Skating.

o The PSA will track the credits for each coach after every educational offering and send notice to U.S. Figure Skating when a membership has become “inactive”.

o U.S. Figure Skating Membership cards will be issued to coaches only if the coach is in compliance with the requirements by July 1st and August 15th at the latest.  This membership card must be presented at all sanctioned events.

o Since U.S. Figure Skating sanctions the events, U.S. Figure Skating will enforce the penalty for non-compliance and will be responsible to disseminate the information to the LOC of events.

Every effort will be made to ensure that this process is fair and equitable and that the due process is followed.  ~ Members of the Continuing Education Requirement Task Force


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