Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • Apprentice Committee - Mentors
    This committee is composed of all mentors/master-rated coaches.
  • Awards
    Provide public recognition of continued dedication and excellence to the world of figure skating.
  • Board of Governors
    The governing powers of this Association shall be vested in a Board of Governors of no more than twenty members consisting of the following: Six governors (two from each section) elected by the membership, each serving a term of three years but not more than two consecutive terms, three members at large appointed by the president and approved by the existing board; a president, first vice president (Admin/Legal Oversight), second vice president (Education Oversight), third vice president (Accreditation Oversight), treasurer, education events chair, Chair of Professional Standards (COPS), ratings chair, immediate past president, U. S. Figure Skating representative and Ice Skating Institute representative.
  • Committee on Professional Standards
    COPS represent the associations members whom carry the responsibility of maintaining professional standards and overseeing grievances filed against PSA members.
  • Finance Committee
    FINANCE COMMITTEE Oversee financial operations of the organization. COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES • Review monthly statements and call office if there are any questions. • Review quarterly investment reports. • Assist with major financial decisions. • Review annual budget to be presented to the board. • Present financial reports to BOG and to membership at annual meeting. • Have complete working knowledge of financial report in order to be able to answer member's questions. • Prepare bi-annual treasurer's report.
  • Nationwide Seminars presented by Riedell and Eclipse Blades
    Presented by Riedell and Eclipse Blades approximately 4 Full Day Seminars are held each year. Multi-topics on and off ice ranging from IJS, theory and technique. Each year a sport science focus is highlighted. Valuable information for all levels of coaches presented by PSA Master Rated Coaches. Dates range from August – October at sites across the country. 12 PSA Educational credits earned. Approximately 7 Half- Day Seminars are held each year. Discipline specific agenda giving all levels of coaches pertinent and up-to-date information within the topic. PSA Master Rated Coaches will present. Dates range from August – October at sites across the country. 6 PSA Educational Credits earned. Credits: 8-12 Held August through December in sites across the country
  • Ranking Committee
    The Professional Skaters Association Ranking System is becoming recognized world-wide. The criteria to qualify for this program is directed toward the career accomplishments of PSA coaches based on the performance of their skaters. In this program, the career coaching record of a PSA member is established only through the accomplishments of a skater under his or her direction. It is the duty of the committee to verify the information submitted with each form and to approve each new ranking.
  • State Workshops
    Half-day workshops are held in every state at various times of the year. Many are held off-ice and include topics relevant to that specific state. Coaches are encouraged to communicate and learn from each other. Credits: 4-6