The articles listed below were published in the RMA Journal and are based on programs that were organized by the New York Chapter.


Financial Industry Regulators Share Their Perspectives and Priorities - Published June 2019


Regulators Staying Focused Amid Change in Washington - Published December 2017

Blockchain Revolution, Regulation And The Way Forward - Published September 2017

Making Culture an Asset - Published June 2017

State of the Leveraged Lending Market - Published December 2016/January 2017


Chief Risk Officers Roundtable - Published July 2016

Chief Data Officers Roundtable - Published May 2016


Regulators Roundtable 2015 - Published December 2015

The New York Chapter's CRO Roundtable 2015 - Published October 2015

Stress Testing and CCPs - Published June 2015


CRO Roundtables in New York and Toronto - Published September 2014


"Enterprise Risk Management - The Ultimate Rubik's Cube" - Published October 2013 in "Risk & Compliance". Written by Bonny Dorland, RMA NY Board Member

"Liquidity Flowing into Leveraged Credit Markets" - Published September 2013

"Chief Risk Officers Focus on Operational Risks" - Published June 2013


"Risk Managers' Role is Front and Center" - Published July 2012

"Regulators Address Continued Uncertainty and Lessons Learned" - Published May 2012

"Risk and Businesses Must Work Closely Together, The Importance of Validation and Verification in Operational Risk Management, The Value of Clear Roles and Responsibilities in the Management of Operational Risk" - Published April 2012


"Operational Risk Management: Sorry, There's No 'Easy Button'" - Published July 2011


"Risk Management Must Be a Park of a Firm's DNA" - Published July 2010

"The Hedge Fund Industry: Has it Learned Its Lesson?" - Published June 2010

"Private-Sector Corruption Justifies Society's Clawback Demand" - Published April 2009

"The Roots of the Crisis and How to Bring it to a Close" - Published March 2009


"Fear and Greed: The Bookends of Capitalism" - Published April 2008


"Magic Mirror on the Wall, What's the Biggest Risk of All?" - Published April 2007