Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®

SAAR Committees & Task Forces

A list of our Committees and Task Forces is presented below. Please click on the name of a committee to view more information.



  • 2017 Board of Directors
  • 2017 Nominating Committee
  • Broker Manager Council
    This committee is comprised exclusively of Principal and Managing Brokers. The Committee plans and implements all broker education and forums, and will also coordinate with staff to provide orientation programs for new Broker Managers as well as develop a Broker-specific resource center on the SAAR website.
  • Budget and Finance Committee
  • Commercial Services Committee
    This committee addresses how the Association can better serve our commercial practitioners and will be comprised primarily of commercial members. They will work with staff to develop a commercial specific resource center on the SAAR website and other programs, products and services outlined in the Strategic Plan.
  • Community Outreach and Awareness Committee
    The purpose of this committee is to elevate the quality of life in our communities through active leadership and participation. The committee will identify, coordinate and encourage participation by SAAR members in community projects.
  • Facilities Advisory Board
  • Finance Committee
    Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the annual budget, meets quarterly to determine budgeting changes, oversees financial obligations, makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on investment strategies and is responsible for strengthening the Association’s financial resources. NOTE: This committee is open to REALTOR® Members only.
  • Government Affairs Committee
    This group manages and advocates for all aspects of the Association’s public policy at the local, state and federal levels. The Committee will submit for Board of Directors approval an annual position statement on all issues impacting the areas’ real estate industry. Responsible for educating the members on the importance of supporting the REALTORS® Arizona Political Action Committee with personal contributions and determines when funding requests should be made for local issues and initiatives. Plans and coordinates Association activities with elected officials and mobilizes members to be involved in local government.
  • Leadership Alumni
    The Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® Leadership Academy helps identify and grow future leaders of the Association and our communities. To date, we have over 220 graduates of our Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy introduces its candidates to the community and the associations they are a part of and much more. This is an eleven-week program of intense learning experiences. Graduates have gone on to become leaders in the Association, leaders in the community, and some have even entered into the government arena. They have improved their leadership qualities to enhance their business as well as the companies for which they work.
  • Professionalism Task Force
  • Property Managers Committee
    This group will meet from time to time to review the current issues and topics in property management and leasing and discuss educational and networking opportunities as well as the development of specialized training within the residential leasing and property management area.
  • RAPAC Committee
  • RMS Advisory Council
    This group will review the structure of the current RMS meetings, and discuss ways to develop more broker involvement, enhance meeting content, standards and structure, and better communicate among members and affiliates that are involved in the RMS meetings.
  • Strategic Planning Committee 2016
  • Technology Advisory Board
    Seven-member group of technology-focused individuals who can be called upon to give input and recommendations to a variety of Association groups, committees, events, projects, etc., that involve technology.
  • Young Professionals Network Committee
    This Committee will introduce SAAR young professionals to the value of engaging in the activities of the Association. They will provide opportunities for this growing group of young, career-minded real estate professionals to stay updated on the latest tools, resources and networking opportunities to help grown their careers.