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A Simulation Platform to Evaluate Health and Interest in Daylit Arch Using an Immersive Approach

May 21, 2017 08:00am -
May 21, 2017 05:00pm

Event Type: Conference
Category: Technical Workshop

Registration Instructions

This workshop will present a platform to generate batch scripts for simulating annual daylight for non-visual health and visual interest performance across an array of view positions, view directions, and sky conditions.  Using Radiance as the simulation engine, our platform streamlines inputs for geometry, material, view position, time-series, and sky conditions to create customizable batch scripts for the evaluation of novel, human-centric performance modules.  This workshop will introduce the audience to a novel simulation platform, developed at LIPID lab and designed to interface with Radiance, to provide user-defined inputs for geometry, material, view position, array of view directions, sky conditions, timeseries and desired performance modules. Using a case-study architectural example, modelled in Rhinoceros, we will go through the process of uploading, previewing, and selecting inputs to generate the necessary batch scripts in Radiance and performance modules which are implemented in C. Due to the time-intensive nature of these simulations and ongoing development of this platform, the workshop will then present pre-computed results using an immersive approach, currently under development for visualizing performance overlays from a human point-of-view.

Early registration ends on 2/19/2017.
Regular registration starts on 2/20/2017 and ends on 5/21/2017.
Late registration starts on 5/21/2017.
(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada), Tijuana



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