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You know that it is becoming increasingly more challenging for agencies to provide the highest quality, recovery-oriented services possible during these difficult economic times.  Across the US, states are decimating mental health funding, and you are being forced to do more with less. Maintaining a quality workforce is even more crucial these days; without it, the focus on recovery for individuals with mental illnesses will all but disappear, and what will remain is minimal treatments offered, while maximizing billable hours. There are others who can help you refine your business plan and boost revenue—it is important to remain financially solvent.  USPRA is here to ensure that the focus of your workforce remains on recovery.  Recovery is not a business—it is about the people, it is about creating hope—it is why we are all here. Learn more about us


Despite these uncertain times, providing your staff with the necessary training and information is critical for ensuring quality psychiatric rehabilitation. USPRA offers a unique interdisciplinary focus on psychosocial/psychiatric rehabilitation. We strive to offer numerous training opportunities at the lowest cost possible. Your agency will see immediate and long-term benefit when your staff holds the credential Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP)—it ensures a qualified workforce. Your staff will incorporate the most successful and cost-effective rehabilitation practices.


Now more than ever, we must remain united to fight for improved reimbursement rates and regulations, and gaining state and federal recognition of all psychiatric rehabilitation services as the preferred evidenced-based practice in the treatment of psychiatric disabilities.  You may not see USPRA’s name splashed in headlines or quoted in magazines—but what you will find is that we are working every day behind the scenes, educating key decision makers and effecting small changes quietly. We believe in recovery and that the principles and practices of psychiatric rehabilitation are the preeminent means to achieve recovery.  Join us today and help ensure that every individual has the opportunity to lead a successful and satisfied life. Learn more about USPRA Membership


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