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BASS: providing educational opportunities in sleep science and sleep medicine

Pevernagie, Dirk, 5/1/2007

The Belgian Association for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (BASS) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the science of sleep through initiatives regarding medical proficiency, propagation of knowledge, fellowship and patient care. According to the bylaws, the objectives of the Belgian Association for the Study of Sleep are essentially educational, scientific, professional and social, and particularly pertain to:

  • Promoting the quality of the medical activity in the domain of sleep and related specialties
  • Promoting and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge in the domain of sleep and related specialties 
  • Improving the contacts and the cooperation between centres for the study of sleep, as well as with other scientific societies 
  • Promoting the prevention of sleep disorders and the well-being of patients suffering from sleep disorders.

            In addition to the bi-annual scientific meeting, the BASS provides other learning opportunities, such as the Belgian Sleep Medicine Course (BSMC). This course was first introduced in 2003 and will have its 4th edition in 2007. The 'André Kahn Sleep Award' was founded in 2000 under a different name, i.e. the 'BASS Award'. This prize is a travel stipend of € 2500 awarded to the winner of the scientific contest organized during the Autumn meeting of the BASS. A course for sleep technicians and sleep nurses is regularly organized in cooperation with the BASS.

            March 21, first day of the spring season was a day to OPEN YOUR EYES FOR SLEEP. The change of wintertime to summertime confronts people with the consequences of sleep deprivation. This year, extra attention was drawn to the relation of a good night sleep to the HEART function.

            The Belgian Association for the Study of Sleep contributed to the Sleep Day by inviting sleep centers to organise information sessions. Some sleep centers have opened their doors, others invited people to a central place in the town or in the hospital for a speakers' corner or a PowerPoint presentation. Questionnaires have been distributed to the visiting public. Filling out these questionnaire helped people to decide whether they had a reason to consult their GP about their sleeplessness - or sleepiness. These questionnaires (NL)  and (FR)  will also be available online.

Dirk Pevernagie, president of the BASS


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