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1. Executive Council Committee:

President: Luigi Ferini-Strambi
President Elect: Charles Morin
Past President: Richard Allen
Secretary: Carlos H. Schenck
Treasurer: Thomas Penzel

2. Governing Council Committee:

Chair: Luigi Ferini-Strambi

Committee: Richard Allen, Luigi Ferini-Strambi, Seung Chul Hong, Suresh Kumar, Shahira Loza, Charles Morin, Sona Nevsimalov, Daniel KK Ng, Judith Owens, Carlos H. Schenck, Markus Schmidt, John Swieca, Robert Thomas, Liborio Parrino, Thomas Penzel, Patricio Peirano, Dalva Poyares, Javier Puertas

3. World Sleep Day ® Committee:

Co-Chair: Antonio Culebras
Co-Chair: Liborio Parrino

Purpose: World Sleep Day® is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, and social aspects.

Current projects or previous discussions: World Sleep Day 2015/World Sleep Day 2016

4. Education Committee:

Purpose: To provide an overview of educational projects to support by WASM. Main function is to provide review of the program and courses of the world congress. In addition, the committee will help other educational functions and assist other committees in educational content and matters.

Current projects or previous discussions: 2015 Congress in Korea and 2013 Congress in Valencia.

5. Examination Committee:

Purpose: The WASM Sleep Medicine Examination is designed to cover many aspects of sleep science, extant practice guidelines, diagnostic nosology, presentation and associated features of sleep disorders, epidemiology of sleep disorders, clinical pharmacology, behavioral therapeutics, instrumentation, methodology, and sleep health.

Chair: Markus Schmidt

6. Bylaws Committee:

Purpose: To maintain and update WASM's bylaws as needed. The committee shall provide guidance to the Governing Council for procedural matters to ensure the bylaws are being followed.

Current projects or previous discussions: none.

7. Membership Committee:

Purpose: To process and review applications for membership into WASM. And, the development of membership benefits for individuals and societies.

Current projects and discussions:

· Review of individual membership application process and transitioning to new membership database on website

· Society Membership application process

· Individual and Society Membership benefits

8. Scientific Affairs Committee

Purpose: To help develop scientific programs of WASM. Responsibilities include the review of scientific content of the world congress programs. To read the proposals of symposiums and abstracts submitted to the world congress. The committee will develop scientific guidelines for research worldwide emphasizing the basic clinical aspects of sleep.

Current projects or previous discussions: Quebec 2011 congress scientific review.

9. Nominating Committee

Purpose: To recruit WASM officers and prepare bi-annual ballot.

Current projects or previous discussions: none

10. Awards Committee

Purpose: To administer and present the Elio Lugaresi Award for Sleep Medicine and Christian Guilleminault Award for Sleep research.

Current projects or previous discussions: develop guidelines and timelines to present awards at Valencia 2013 congress.

11. Publication Committee

Purpose: To provide WASM with an affiliated journal and liaison with Sleep Medicine

Current projects or previous discussions: WASM general information booklet



World Sleep Society is located in the United States.

To request a refund, contact info@worldsleepsociety.org within 30 days of purchase. Refund requests received after 30 days, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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