WA State CME Requirements


The following are categories of creditable continuing medical education activities approved by the Washington State Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery. The credits must be earned in the thirty-six month period preceding application for renewal of licensure. One clock hour shall equal one credit hour for the purpose of satisfying the one hundred fifty hour continuing professional education requirement.

    (1) Category 1- A minimum of sixty credit hours of the total one hundred fifty hour requirements are mandatory under this general category.

    (a) Category 1-A- Formal education programs sponsored by nationally recognized osteopathic or medical institutions, organizations and their affiliates.

    (b) Category 1-B- Preparation in publishable form of an original scientific paper. Maximum allowable credit for the initial presentation will be ten credit hours per scientific paper. Publication of the above paper or another paper in a professional journal approved by the board may receive credits as approved by the board up to a maximum of fifteen credit hours per scientific paper.

    (c) C 1-C- Serving as a teacher, lecturer, preceptor or moderator-Participant in any formal educational program. Total credits allowed under Category 1-C are forty-five per three-year period, with one hour's credit for each hour of actual instruction.

    (A) Category 2-A- Home study- A maximum of ninety credit hours per three-year period may be granted for all home study activities under Category 2-A.

    (B) Category 2-B- Preparation and personal presentation of scientific exhibit at a county, regional, state or national professional meeting. Total credits allowed under Category 2-B are thirty per three-year period, with ten credits granted for each new and different scientific exhibit. Appropriate documentation must be submitted with the request for credit.

    (C) Category 2-C- All other programs and modalities of continuing professional education. Total credits allowed under Category 2-C are thirty hours per three-year period.



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