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Wine Blending at OOR Thursday, 10/11/18
(Event: Owners Only Retreat 2018)

Oct 11, 2018 4:30pm - Oct 11, 2019 6:30pm
Session Type: Social


Make Your Own Wine Blend at OOR 2018           

Thursday, October 11th @ 4:30pm

$99.00 per person​


It's be a winemaker time again!  Last time we did this it was SO successful that we were repeatedly asked to run this program again. 


This time though, it's going to be even better.  We will have four grape types to blend, making your finished wine even more exciting.  Remember, drinking wines made from multiple grape types (instead of just one, like Cabernet Sauvignon) is sort of like listening to an orchestra as opposed to a soloist. 

Again, you will have the opportunity to be the conductor and arranger of that orchestra.  Come to this very special wine blending event at Owners Only Retreat and you will be able to blend your very own wine using four very high-quality, aged, Napa Valley grown Bordeaux varietal wines.  These are the same kinds of grapes that go into the world's greatest wines like Lafite Rothschild in France!! 


When you are done making your blending selections, we will provide you with a full-sized bottle of your own personally crafted wine blend with YOUR* name on it! 


Personalized wine from this event is ONLY for PAID wine blending  participants. 

*In order for your wine to be personalized with your name printed on the label, you must be registered for the event by no later than October 5th 



All this will again be under the guidance of Phil McKenney, an experienced wine professional who will teach you all about the individual grape types and how to blend like a pro.  Last time we had to turn folks away who didn't sign up in time.  You won’t want to miss great event!!

We will also again have our wine trivia contest with hundreds of $$ worth of prize.



While working in the restaurant and wine industry for over two decades, including being a District Manager for one of the largest wine distributors in the US, Phil McKenney realized that few wine enthusiasts know what goes into making a great wine. As a result, in 2007, Phil (also known as The Wine Gent) created VinoBlends, a company that combines the excitement of wine blending, wine tasting, and wine education for small private parties to large corporate events. His events help wine enthusiasts understand the artistry and science that goes into wine making, allowing them to appreciate the subtle distinctions of a wine; uncorking a new and fun wine tasting experience.  Phil lives in San Carlos, CA.





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