2017 AED/EDA Leadership Conference

Aug 20, 2017 06:00pm -
Aug 22, 2017 04:30pm

Event Type: Annual Conference

Speaker Information

Connecting with the People Who Power Your Business

Ed Wallace, President

The Relational Capital Group

Relationships hold companies together and fuel future growth. From connecting with customers to forging high-performing teams, success depends on everyone working well together. Yet many leaders prioritize potential relationships and take established ones for granted.

In this highly interactive keynote, critically acclaimed author Ed Wallace will help the audience establish common ground, focus on collaboration instead of command, put people before process, demonstrate worthy intent, and make every interaction matter. Participants will also learn:

  • How to apply the Five Principles of Relational Leadership

  • How uncovering Relational GPS allows Relational Leaders to navigate today’s multi-generational and organizational challenges

You will never take another business relationship for granted after this talk! A must-attend for emerging leaders!

Do You Know What your Customers Want?

Customer Panel
How well do you know your customers? Customers know what they and others want — they are also willing to help. Join us for a panel discussion as your customers reveal a roadmap to success for customer-dealer relations.


Leadership Lessons from the Streets

Eric Shipman, Commander

West Chicago Police Department

What do first responders have in common with high-performing leaders in the business world? Both have to remain calm under pressure. Both must deliver in the clutch. Both must motivate and empower their teams in an ever-changing environment. Learn how you can apply these tough lessons on leadership and teamwork learned while working the street to your own dealership.


Wine 101: Know What to Pour for Your Boss or Client
So much business is conducted in the presence of wine. From dinners to happy hours, having a core knowledge of wine can be a very valuable asset. In this session, we'll review the basics and discuss differences in grapes, tips on judging the quality of a wine, and even proper food pairings.


Collaboration Room: Leadership Hot Topics

Meet with your peers for a moderated group discussion on leadership best practices and what keeps you up at night.


Dealership of the Future

Daniel Enekes

The digital transformation in equipment dealerships is well underway. How does your business stack up? This informative session will review what the “digital transformation” is, why it’s important, and its impact on your dealership. Learn how it affects your engagement with customers, how you can make your processes smarter, and how to transform the products and services you offer using digital content.


Legal Literacy: Protecting Your Dealership from Litigation

Michael A. Airdo

Kopon Airdo

There are few things worse in life than facing legal issues. As a dealership professional, it's your responsibility to limit risk and keep the business running smoothly. Hear from AED’s legal counsel on how to protect your dealership from potential litigation.


You’re in Charge--Now What?

Lessons in Leadership Panel
Old leadership is out, and you’re in. Where do you begin? During this panel discussion you will hear from business owners on the trials and tribulations they faced when taking over the reins.