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The specific purposes for which the National Association of Medical Examiners is organized are as follows:

To provide a professional organization for medical examiners, being those physicians who investigate sudden, violent and suspicious deaths and perform autopsies in connection therewith, as well as for those physicians who investigate such deaths but do not perform autopsies; to obtain and participate in educational, research and professional development activities and literature; for the discussion of administrative, career and financial problems affecting the ability of medical examiners to carry out their professional duties without offering opinions regarding specific death investigations or trials to third parties except as required by the National Association of Medical Examiners or the committees thereof to carry out their respective functions; to promote the exchange of professional experiences so as to promote the betterment of the overall profession; to develop consensus professional standards and guidelines; to promote the recognition, value and confidence in the medical examiner system and medicolegal death investigation to the families, the justice system, public health agencies, governmental officials, the medical community and the public; to promote excellence in medicolegal death investigation; to promote the highest practice of medical professional and ethical conduct; to provide professional education and training to the membership; to promote forensic pathology as a career choice for physicians and to encourage diversity within the profession; to act as a clearinghouse of relevant scientific information and administrative procedures and policy matters; to assist and support the membership of the National Association of Medical Examiners; to act as a representative and voice for death investigators and administrative partners in the medical examiner community; to provide leadership and advocacy for the medical examiner, medicolegal death investigator, and medical examiner administrator professions; and to encourage research in forensic medicine.