This is AEA’s online membership portal. Guest and special Member services are available.


New Members/Guests:

As a Guest, you may join AEA by accessing the "New Membership" tab You may also make a tax deductible donation by using the "Donate Now" tab.

It is recommended you use a personal email address for your login email, such as a Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, or other non-gov email address.


Current/Renewing Members:

As a current or renewing member, please login to your account using the "Membership Renewal Login" tab on the left. 

You’ll have several link options listed on the left side of the page:

· Individual membership information –update your mailing address, contact info, etc

· Donate -- contribute to the annual Guardians of the Castle fund drive or the Engineer Memorial fund.

· ”Membership” tab and “Donate Now” tab take you to the secure store that enables you to join or renew membership -- simply shop for the membership category you prefer.


To “Donate” - -click the “donate” tab – it will take you to that section of the online store. Please feel free to donate any amount you wish, even less than any suggested amount such as $50.00. Any amount is appreciated.


Individual Membership: while we encourage a lifetime membership, we offer discount Junior membership options for Active, National Guard, USAR soldiers and DA civilians in pay grades - PVT–SFC; 2LT & 1LT; W1–W2; GS1-GS9.

Regular membership options apply to all other soldier and DA civilian pay grades, as well as former and retired individuals.

Businesses and Corporations are invited to join as Supporting Firm Members (SFM) – either annual or permanent membership is offered based on number of employees – less than 250 employees are Small firms, 250 employees or more are Large firms. Please contact AEA DC area for details at 703.428.6049.

Contact AEA DC Area at 703.428.7084 | AEA Fort Leonard Wood at 573.329.6678