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Fraternals are a different kind of life insurance provider. As not-for-profit organizations owned by and accountable to their members, fraternals help secure members’ financial security  through  reliable life insurance, annuities, and retirement  savings products. They use the revenue from their financial services operations to fund projects and organize volunteer activities that reflect their members’ shared values.  Fraternals inspire members to participate in one of the largest member-volunteer networks in the world – serving people in need through a variety of outreach programs and improving the quality of life in communities across North America

Help Share the Word to Protect and Grow This Valuable Community Resource
Sharing stories about the community events your society holds and the families that benefit from the financial security your society provides is a great way to tell our story. Partner with like-minded organizations within your community. Invite state legislators and members of Congress to your community events. Taking simple steps like these will go a long way in getting others interested in learning more about fraternals and becoming members. Interested in how you can help? Learn more here.

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