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At this site, you may renew your American Oriental Society membership by paying 2016 membership dues:

Student Member:         $25/ year*
Member category I (<$45,000/year income):   $45/year*
Member category II ($45,000-$75,000/year income): $65/year*
Member category III ($75,000-$100,00/ year income) $95/ year
Member category IV (>$100,000/ year income):  $125/year
Life membership: = 20x category IV membership:  $2,500
For Retired  members:        $50/year (and includes print JAOS, unless declined)

* Only receives electronic access to JAOS. Print access may be purchased for an additional $20/ year.

Members residing outside the USA must add $5.00 international postage surcharge to their membership dues payment to cover additional postage (in the online store: "OVERSEAS POSTAL SURCHARGE" at the bottom of the page)

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You may also register for the Annual Meeting.
The 226th Meeting of the AOS will be held Friday, March 18–Monday, March 21, 2015, in Boston, MA at the Parker House, 60 School St., Boston, MA 02108).

Pre-Registration rates:
$175 for regular members
$75 for student and retired members
NOTE: If you register for the Annual Meeting here and intend to present a paper, you will still need to submit the abstract of your paper by email according to the instructions provided on the Annual Meeting Page.

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Would You Like To Make A Donation?
Donations to the Endowments Funds and the Graduate Student Award Fund are accepted at the bottom of the page as you complete your membership dues payments:
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1. Log-in
2. Go to the Online Store
3. View Memberships
4. Select Renew now
4. Choose your membership category (Regular, Student, Retired, etc.)
5. Renew
6. Exit
7. Pay open order
8. Check the box next to your name
9. Click Next
10. Complete payment information form (credit card information)




1. Log-in with your email address (When you log-in for the first time, you will need to choose a password.)
2. You may register for the 2016 Annual Meeting (registration will be added to your cart).
2. Then you may continue shopping, and select your dues payment, and add to cart.
3. If you wish to make a donation now to the AOS Endowment Funds, before you add your dues payment to the cart, at the bottom of this page, you may use the
"Would You Like To Make A Donation? --> If yes, please select a donation from the list below:" --> Donations drop-down menu: to select a donation level and add that to the cart. Or, you may select your donation from the main online store page, and add it to the cart.
4. Proceed to check-out.


Payment of membership dues brings annual membership and these additional benefits:
1. Subscription to Journal of the American Oriental Society, in print and online through a member JSTOR account. Table of contents (article and reviews) of current issues of JAOS, including article abstracts beginning with v. 133, will appear soon on the AOS web site (currently only TOC of articles)
2. Annual Meeting, where formal papers offering the results of recent research are presented and discussed and opportunities for informal discussion and conversation among colleagues. As part of outreach effort to graduate students and recent PhD's, the AOS plans to add a professionalizing session during the graduate student breakfast at the Annual Meeting (e.g., tips about preparation for job talks, how to prepare better handouts, etc. The first took place at the March 2014 meeting in Phoenix.
3. Member-exclusive discounts from two publishers:
20% discount on any book from Gorgias Press ( - AOS discount code: AOS-PLAL
20% discount on the society's publications in Eisenbrauns (, including the AOS Series, Essays, and Translation Series.
Discounts at Brill (coming soon)
4. AOS Facebook presence ( for recent news.