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When you speak, we listen! In an effort to help nonprofits collaborate, communicate and gather
valuable information, we have launched a comprehensive online community.

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If you’re a member of a CT Nonprofits committee (sub-sector policy group, management forum, Board, etc.), you now have access to that committee’s minutes, notes and documents, all posted in one convenient place! Also, you can contact other members of your committee individually or as a group, and add notes to share.

Articles & Information

At CT Nonprofits, we believe it’s important to keep an ear to the ground on nonprofit trends. This section is dedicated to information and articles written by respected sources across the country. Consider it your exclusive, hand-picked collection of great topics to read up on!

Individual Directory
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Did you meet someone at a CT Nonprofits meeting or event but can only remember part of their name or where they worked Look up individuals in this search engine by name or organization – Collaboration has never been easier!

Organization Directory
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Do you need to find a trusted consultant to help you with a project Are you looking to contact a fellow member organization with a question or proposal Or do you just want to see who is out there in your area or specialty Use this directory to find organizations by name, location or organization type.

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Upcoming Events

Annually, the Center for Professional Development offers more than 130 affordable workshops and seminars to nonprofits of all types and sizes to increase impact and build capacity for your nonprofit organizations. Now you can register online for CPD workshops and trainings, as well as our Annual Conference and Forum Sessions!

Committees Leadership

CT Nonprofits probably has a committee that could benefit you
and your organization. Find the one that’s right for you, contact
our staff to learn more, and become a member to get involved!

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