Dear Members,

NYSAR has been made aware that ESD has amended their guidance from April 1st to real estate licensees as to what functions are deemed to be essential.
Several news outlets including the Buffalo News and Real Deal are reporting that the ESD has amended its guidance of April 1st to restrict residential and commercial real estate showings to be “virtual” only.  NYSAR interprets “virtual” to mean no in-person contact when conducting a showing. Licensees should conduct the showing alone and use a tool such as video conferencing with the buyer or tenant.
The goal of the new standard is to further limit the possibility of one on one contact which NYSAR strongly supports.
NYSAR has been in contact with ESD and was informed that more comprehensive guidance will be forthcoming.
NYSAR recommends that members act in good faith to follow the “virtual” standard as reported until state officials offer more clarity. 
The state approved activity for real estate licenses under the Executive Order is constantly evolving and NYSAR members should expect further clarification from state officials during the State of Emergency.
NYSAR will update you with any further state actions to amend its guidance. 
NYSAR also wants to remind you that the ESD guidance extremely limits what real estate functions are deemed essential for the purpose of licensee and public safety.  We urge that you work from home to the greatest extent possible.