The Federal Communications Bar Association (FCBA) is a volunteer organization of attorneys, engineers, consultants, economists, government officials and law students involved in the study, development, interpretation and practice of communications and information technology law and policy. Three thousand members strong, the FCBA has been the leading bar association for communications lawyers and other professionals since 1936.

About the FCBA

The FCBA offers its members a variety of unique opportunities to interact with their peers and the decision-makers in the field and to remain abreast of developments in communications and information technology law and policy. Through its work with other specialized associations, the FCBA also affords its members opportunities to associate with a broad and diverse cross-section of other professionals. Although the majority of FCBA members practice in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, the FCBA has nine active regional chapters, including Atlanta, Florida, Midwest, New England, New York, Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain and Texas. The FCBA has members from across the U.S., its territories and several other countries.


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