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2017 Winter School We have established the schedule for the 2017 MAAO Winter School.  We will be offering, MAAO Course 5 at the Foxborough Police Station starting in February, MAAO Course 6 at the Auburn Town Hall starting in March, and MAAO Course 3 at the Grafton Police Station in April.

Click the appropriate course below for a description and schedule.

Course 5, Foxborough - Course 6, Auburn - Course 3, Grafton

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Call for Articles Last year we instituted the Phil Waterman Journalism Award.  Submit an article to us and be considered for the award this year.  Share your knowledge and experiences with all our members.  Interesting, informative, funny, or fascinating, we are looking for anything that will appeal to our members.  Send your article to us at execdir@maao.org.


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