2020 Scholarship Award Winners





Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person trainings and conferences have been converted to online events. 

In the coming days, please check the appropriate area of the website for more information on your particular training or conference.

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This past year, we worked with the National Command and Staff College to create an Implicit Bias course that would fulfill the Minnesota POST mandates.

There are two courses available:  Implicit Bias (3 hours) and Implicit Bias for Corrections (2 hours)

The three main objectives of this course are to: 

Demonstrate an understanding of race relations and their impact on policing practices

Demonstrate an understanding of implicit and explicit bias

Demonstrate an understanding of impartial policing  

Click Here for the full course objectives.

Also available on MNLET are the following courses:  Cultural Diversity (an ICLD course) and Cultural Diversity and Multi-Cultural Communications in a Corrections Setting (MSA developed course). These courses are available on MNLET with no additional charge to sheriff’s staff. The site is:  www.mnlet.org.

Please contact Ann Jarrett at ajarrett@mnsheriffs.org with questions.