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Welcome to the Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC)! 

“Your call may be monitored for quality purposes.”

Content for class "Call center outsiders may be surprised what happens behind the scenes when they hear this common phrase. Call center insiders know it first takes comprehensive training to make sure the agent knows how to handle the call in the first place, and then ongoing monitoring and coaching to ensure the quality of every single customer interaction. Both training and quality assurance are key to the success of a call center, and the people involved in these functions need specialized skills and support. One way to acquire these skills and find ongoing support is to become a part of the Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC), an exclusive organization designed specifically to facilitate the education, sharing of ideas, and distribution of knowledge among quality assurance and training professionals in the call center.  Make the Quality Assurance & Training Connection today!

Membership Benefits

QATC provides its membership with many benefits, including:

  • Member-only access to the QATC website
  • Quarterly newsletter (The Connection)
  • Regional networking meetings
  • Access to web seminars on hot topics presented by peers and industry experts
  • Discount to attend educational web seminars presented by industry experts
  • Online forums to exchange ideas with your peers without leaving the office
  • Ability to post open positions on the Job Posting Board
  • Free online training from our education partner, The Call Center School
  • $250 discount to the QATC Annual Conference





QATC Newsletter 
QATC publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Connection, designed specifically for workforce management professionals in the call center. Click here to read the most recent issue of our newsletter.
Tip of the Week

QATC sends out a Tip of the Week each Monday.  Click here  to read the current Tip of the Week.


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