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You may renew your membership to the Society for In Vitro Biology via this site.


These directions will help you tremendously when renewing your membership.  Please take a moment to review them.


To request a hard copy application or renewal form that can be mailed or faxed to the SIVB, Click Here.


Joining the Society

If you are not a member and want to join the Society, click Join the SIVB.  Choose your membership type.  When you purchase your membership, you will be asked to set up a log in and password.  NOTE: If your email is already in our database and you don’t have your password, you will need to click on “Forgot Your Password” to have an email sent to you so you can update your password.  After logging in, you will follow the instructions beginning on step 3 below under "To renew your membership."
            Please be prepared to provide a credit card for final check out.  You may not join on-line and submit payment later.

Renewing Your Membership

You must Login to renew your membership.  Your username is the primary email address we currently have on file for you. (FYI: The email address you will need to use is the address where you receive In Vitro Report notifications and other SIVB updates.)

If you forgot your password, either click on the “Forgot Your Password” link to have an email sent to you to update your password or contact our office by calling us at (410) 969-7940 or emailing
the Business Office.   

To renew your membership:

1.  After logging in, Click on the side menu where it says Join the SIVB


2. Click on our membership type (Regular, Post Doctoral, Student) from the list.


3. On the next screen, next to the “Dues Rate” Pull down menu, please choose your proper membership type.

      A. Plant Journal outside US - Regular

      B. Plant Journal inside US - Regular

C. Animal Journal outside US - Regular

D. Animal Journal inside US - Regular

4.   Make sure to confirm your Section, Matrix of Research, Employment, Education and Racial Background. Then choose “Add to Cart.”  If you wish to purchase additional items (such as meeting registration or contributions, please see “STEP 2” below.


5.   On the next screen, choose “Check Out”


6.  On the next screen,

      A. Confirm your Billing Information,

      B. Input your Payment Information (You must provide payment in full when using this system)

      C. Confirm your email address next to “Send a confirmation email to my primary email address” and add any additional email addresses that you would like a receipt sent to.


 7.   Click “Purchase Now” to complete your Renewal Process.   


8.   Once Completed, the Purchase Confirmation Memo will be sent to you via email. Please note that this process may take a few minutes. Please do not try to repurchase your membership.




Step 2: To make a contribution or purchase meeting registration along with your membership:

1    After adding your membership to your cart as listed under steps 1-4, click the tab Make a Contribution on the left side menu if you wish to contribute to the Fund for the Future or one of the SIVB Student Award Funds.


2.   Click on Fund for the Future to make your tax-deductible yearly contribution to the Society. Click “Add to Cart” to pay the recommended $25 contribution or, if you wish to contribute more, you can adjust the amount in the “Amount” field, then click “Add to Cart.”


3.   Click on the Student Award of your choice to make a contribution to that specific award. Under the description of the award add the amount you wish to contribute in the “Amount” field, then Click “Add to Cart.”


4.   If you wish to purchase meeting registration, click on 2023 Annual Meeting from the left side menu and on the next page, choose to download the hard copy registration form and submit it to the SIVB Business Office. If you have already purchased your membership, you do not need to choose Combination Membership/Registration, just choose Regular Registration.


5.   When you have made all your selections select “Check Out” and follow steps 5-8 above.


Remember, along with your member dues you will receive access to one of SIVB’s journals, either In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Animal or – Plant, based on what you chose with your membership. If you wish to receive both the Animal AND Plant journals, you can add the second subscription to your cart by going to the online store in the left side menu, under “Shop for.” choosing “Subscription,” then clicking on the journal you wish to add and clicking on “Add to Cart.”


While logged in, you can also update your address, phone numbers and email address by going to My Information then clicking on “Edit/View Information”.


Have questions? Click Contact Us  to send an email directly to our office.


If you wish to view the main SIVB website, just click on SIVB Home Page to be redirected.


Thank You!
We look forward to your continuing involvement with the Society for In Vitro Biology!

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