Fellowship in the American Academy of Osteopathy

Fellow of the American Academy of Osteopathy (FAAO) is an earned post-doctoral degree conferred by the American Academy of Osteopathy.


The application deadline is Dec. 1. 


The fellowship process is designed to be completed in a two-year cycle. If during the initial two-year cycle a candidate wishes an extension or deferment, the Fellowship Committee may grant a one-year extension for sufficient cause. The conferment of honors occurs at the end of the two-year cycle. This is a solemn occasion and all Fellows, incoming Fellows and their sponsors wear academic regalia and march in procession at the opening of the president's banquet at the AAO annual Convocation.

Candidate requirements (summary)

  1. Membership in the AAO for a period of five (5) consecutive years.
  2. Certification by an AOA certifying board.
  3. At least three (3) years of practice are required after AOA certification.
  4. A scientific paper or thesis suitable for publication.
  5. Fifty (50) specialty hours of committee-approved category 1A CME credits of the required 150 total credits in the current 36-month period, and meeting the AOA CME requirement in a three-year cycle.
  6. Case histories will be three (3) total with two (2) representative of the candidate's practice and one (1) pertinent to his or her thesis.
  7. Candidates will sit for interviews before formal approval of the outline of the candidates' papers and acceptance of their continuation in the Fellowship process.
  8. Candidates shall supply evidence of AAO organizational activity (boards, committees, etc.) and of fulfilling at least three (3) of the following six (6) categories:
    • Contribution to osteopathic literature.
    • Development of osteopathic theory or manipulative method or procedure;
    • Research related to osteopathic theory and practice.
    • Contributions in the field of osteopathic education: faculty (college, AAO, cranial, etc.) formal educational programs, preceptorship activity, clinical or hospital supervision.
    • Service to the public and public health (community activity, school physician, sponsor of health activity, etc.)
    • Administrative service to the profession (dean, medical director, chief of staff, carrier advisory committee member, department chair, committee chairs on staff, etc.)
  9. Candidates shall file a statement of full compliance with the AAO and AOA professional and ethical standards.





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To request more information about the Fellows of the AAO, contact AAO Fellowship Liaison Debbie Cole.