Student American Academy of Osteopathy


Membership in the Student American Academy of Osteopathy is open to all students of accredited osteopathic medical schools. Chapters recruits members each fall. If you are interested in joining the SAAO, please contact your chapter president. Recent graduates should consider joining the Postgraduate Academy of Osteopathy.

SAAO member benefits include:

  • the ability to attend the annual AAO Convocation (watch the 2010 SAAO Convocation video);
  • review forums organized by local chapters for OMM practical exams;
  • workshops to learn and practice new OMM skills;
  • research opportunities and case studies;
  • scholarships ;
  • community service projects that help others and earning TOUCH points;
  • participation in osteopathic outreach programs to help educate the public about osteopathic medicine;
  • opportunities to network with other students and doctors across the country;
  • opportunities to practice and develop OMT skills;
  • opportunities to help other students learn osteopathic principles, philosophy and techniques; and
  • a one-time membership fee includes all years of medical school.


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