2019 Small Dealer Conference

Nov 10, 2019 07:00pm -
Nov 11, 2019 06:30pm

Event Description

Do you have a vision for your dealership?
Make the Small Dealer Conference your destination for success!

Charlotte, NC | November 10-11 | Hilton Charlotte Center City

Do you have a vision for your dealership? Make AED's 2019 Small Dealer Conference your destination for success! This one-day educational event provides a platform for professionals to come together to share best practices, operations, strategic planning, leadership development, network and much more!


Here is what else you can look forward to:
Inspirational speakers to help you refocus and discover new techniques for your dealership
Educational sessions aimed at every area of specialty and level of experience
Networking and quality time with industry peers to connect and gain valuable contacts


What people are saying:

"Networking with your industry peers and AED staff makes the Small Dealer Conference very personal. The meetings are all in one location and one day. You will always walkaway with important information that will enlighten you and enhance your dealership."Cindy Baschmann of Baschmann Services, Inc.

"Make the investment and come prepared to engage the presenters and the other guests. Take advantage of the networking opportunity and make the most of the time invested." - Steve Ricke of Federal Contracts Corp.

"Well worth the price of admission. The ability to network with people that are from similar sized companies as ours is priceless." - Dave Hosch of Ruffridge-Johnson Equipment



 Sunday, November 10 (schedule subject to change)

3:00 pm


Location: Pre-Function Area Four - Fourth Floor

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Welcome Dinner
Location: Hall of Honor at the NASCAR Hall of Fame (Third Floor)

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Monday, November 11 (schedule subject to change)

8:00 am - 8:30 am


Location: Ardwell - Third Floor

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8:00 am - 8:30 am


Location: Piedmont Crescent Promenade/Mecklenburg Hall Foyer - Third Floor

8:45 am – 10:15 am


Discovering and Leveraging Your Competitive Advantage
Dirk Beveridge
​Location: Mecklenburg Hall - Third Floor

In a world of commoditization, your product, pricing, and relationships no longer provide the competitive advantage they once did. As a result, most dealers are stuck in a world of sameness. In this session you’ll discover how to break out of this sameness trap. You will explore four pillars of competitive advantage and how each can be leveraged to create a compelling, differentiating, and relevant value proposition.  


10:15 am - 10:30 am


Location: Piedmont Crescent Promenade/Mecklenburg Hall Foyer - Third Floor

10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Don't Abdicate — Delegate: What Every Dealer Principal Should Know About Their Parts & Service Operations
Bill Mayes
Mecklenburg Hall - Third Floor

We all say that we know how important parts and service are to our overall profitability, but too many dealer principals don’t understand the intricacies of managing a parts or service department. Instead they concentrate on whole goods sales and let the parts and service managers “do their thing” in the back end. This session will take some of the mystery out of your product support operations, covering not only the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that you should understand, but some specific questions that you can ask to find out if your managers are truly managing or just putting out fires.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Location: Ardwell - Third Floor

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm


Smart Hiring
Troy Harrison

​Location: Mecklenburg Hall - Third Floor

This session will give attendees the tools and techniques needed to make better hires and create a stronger, more profitable team. Successfully hiring people is one of the biggest challenges faced by any company, large or small. However, too many hires are made by “gut feel” instead of a repeatable process that yields consistent success. In this program, attendees will learn how to create the process and utilize the skills necessary to win the hire.

Content includes:

  • How to design your ideal hire
  • Building your hiring process
  • The number one mistake that results in failed hires and how to avoid it
  • Quick resume screening
  • The phone screening – your time-saving weapon
  • The effective resume-focused interview
  • Behavioral interviewing – hiring’s silver bullet
  • And more!

2:15 pm - 2:30 pm


Location: Piedmont Crescent Promenade/Mecklenburg Hall Foyer - Third Floor

2:30 pm - 3:45 pm


Technology & the Small Dealer (Panel)
Mike Lalonde
David Kedney
Steve Ouellette
Mike Frizzell
​Location: Mecklenburg Hall - Third Floor

With so many dealer technology solutions in the marketplace, it can be difficult to know not only which are best, but which are best suited to the needs of a small dealer. What features should you be looking for in an ERP or CRM system? What rental fleet software is best suited to your needs? This panel discussion will focus on best practices when it comes to your technology solutions, including implementation pitfalls to avoid, what to look for in vendor contracts, getting employee buy-in, and more.

3:45 pm - 4:00 pm


Location: Piedmont Crescent Promenade/Mecklenburg Hall Foyer - Third Floor

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Working With Your OEMs
Bill Mayes
Marc Johnson

​Location: Mecklenburg Hall - Third Floor

This program will feature two mini-sessions that relate to working with your OEMs.

The first will focus on warranty policy; how do dealers determine if and how to bill customers for charges such as diagnostic time and mileage that are not reimbursed by the manufacturer? Learn how other dealers are navigating this trend and how to deal with customers who are not typically accustomed to shouldering warranty repair costs.

The second half of this session will focus on the dealer-manufacturer relationship; this works best when both parties are making money and thriving in the business.  Do the larger dealers have an unfair advantage over the smaller dealers, or do they just have more tools available to make the most of the relationship?  If the latter, how can you assist your dealership in getting the most out of a crucial relationship for your success? Learn best practices for thriving with your manufacturer, no matter your size.

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Closing Reception
Location: Salon Coastal - Second Floor


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Attendees (as of 11/1/2019)

First Name Last Name Organization City State
Kevin Knaust A. Montano Company, Inc. Saugerties NY
Ryan Yeckley Atlantic Coastal Equipment Richmond Hill GA
Jim O'Brien Atlas Copco Power Technique North America LLC Rock Hill SC
Don Partridge Bobcat of Omaha Omaha NE
Carlton Calfee Boomtrux, Inc. Tampa FL
Jonathan Brown CDK Global, LLC Orlando FL
Betsy Chase Charter Software Inc. Littleton CO
Karen Moras Compass Equipment, Inc. Oroville CA
Ron Moras Compass Equipment, Inc. Oroville CA
William Moore Construction Equipment Sales & Rental Jackson TN
Ryan Correlli Correlli Inc. Baltimore MD
Elise-Brutt Godo Eastrock Equipment Inc. Ottawa  ON
Mike Frizzell Eastrock Equipment Inc. Ottawa  ON
Paul Rivard Eastrock Equipment Inc. South Windsor CT
Kelly Emery Emery Equipment Sales & Rentals, Inc. Baton Rouge LA
Steve Ricke Federal Contracts Corp Tampa FL
Jason Zeibert Finkbiner Equipment Co., Subsidiary of American State Equipment Burr Ridge IL
Sandy Ouellete Frank Martin Sons Ft. Kent Mills ME
Steve Ouellette Frank Martin Sons Ft. Kent Mills ME
Lauren Gibson Gibson Machinery, LLC Oakwood Village OH
Reid Clark Gibson Machinery, LLC Oakwood Village OH
Richard Greig Greig Equipment Company Erie PA
Mike Gudknecht H & V Equipment Services, Inc. San Antonio TX
Heather Sutton H & V Equipment Services, Inc. Corpus Christi TX
Matthew Stringer Headwater Equipment Sales Ltd Lethbridge AB
Cori Petersen Headwater Equipment Sales Ltd Lethbridge  AB
Ryan Flood Highway Equipment & Supply Co. Harrisburg PA
Aaron  Honaker INDECO North America Montgomery AL
Mike Fischer INDECO North America, Inc. Milford CT
Spencer Gerrard Intermountain Bobcat West Valley City  UT
Mike Staal J&B Underground LLC / Ditch Witch of South Louisiana Geismar LA
Marc Johnson KCoe Isom, LLP Lenexa KS
James Kelly Kelly Equipment Baton Rouge LA
David Kedney Luby Equipment Services Fenton MO
Peter Bigwood Mecalac North America Norfolk MA
Michael Vazquez MECO Miami, Inc. Miami FL
David Harrington MTA Distributors Whites Creek TN
Larry Price Murrysville Machinery New Stanton PA
Will Blackerby National Equipment Dealers, LLC dba May/RHI Lexington NC
Karen Zajick Norris Sales Co. Inc. Conshohocken PA
Rob Sowers Norris Sales Company Conshohocken PA
Sophie Parent Paul Equipment & Sons Balmoral NB
Lee Pittman Pittman Tractor Company, Inc. Montrose AL
Vilma Albey Point of Rental Software Grand Prairie TX
Rafael Bournigal Powerscreen of Florida Inc. Lakeland FL
Alex Best ProSight Specialty Insurance Morristown NJ
Brian Meissen Reynolds-Warren Equipment Co., Inc. Lake City GA
Billy Evans Shafer Equipment, LLC Clendenin WV
Aaron Cox Shafer Equipment, LLC Clendenin WV
Dominic Bonacci Stearns Bank Albany MN
Mindy Lund Stearns Bank Albany MN
Paige Stone Stone Equipment Co. Montgomery AL
Doug Stone Stone Equipment Co. Montgomery AL
Paul Stokey The Iron Peddlers Monroe NC
Kim Myers The Iron Peddlers Monroe NC
Chris Weems Trax Plus Hickory MS
Justin Ward TraxPlus Hickory MS
Ronald Miller Trekker Group dba. Trekker Tractor Miami FL
Reid Armstrong Westate Machinery Co. Billings MT
James Reno Westate Machinery Co. Billings MT
Michael Lalonde Westrax Machinery, Inc. Compton CA
Deborah Frakes Winsby Inc. Chicago IL


The AED Antitrust Policy

Associated Equipment Distributors is subject to the Antitrust Laws of the United States, as are all businesses. Unlike most private businesses, however, the very nature of a trade association fulfills the first requirement of an antitrust violation under Section 1 of the Sherman Act, that of a “combination.”

AED therefore, recognizes the need to be constantly vigilant to prevent fulfillment of the second requirement, relating to actions which could result in an illegal “restraint of trade or commerce.” Any failure on the part of AED to comply strictly with the antitrust laws could result in severe penalties. Treble damages for successful litigants, fines and possible jail terms for individuals involved in any illegal activities, and even dis-establishment of the Association itself are all harsh remedies of the law. These penalties manifest the law’s strong public policy in favor of free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade.

Two laws of the United States which define the antitrust liabilities of trade associations, Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act and Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, are both very general in their wording and broad in their scope. Over the years, the courts have interpreted the broad language of the statutes and have provided specific examples of unlawful conduct which violate the principles set down in the law. AED recognizes that so long as it strives to conduct itself in accordance with such guidance, antitrust problems will be avoided.

Inasmuch as it is the policy of AED to comply fully in all respects with the antitrust laws, the following basic principles are endorsed by its Board of Directors as a guide for all members serving in some official capacity for the Association:

1. AED and its members shall make every effort to insure that all of their actions comply with both the letter and spirit of the antitrust statutes of the United States.

2. Any firm meeting the requirements of membership as set forth in Article IV of the bylaws shall be welcomed into AED on a non-discriminatory basis. Once a firm becomes a member, it shall be entitled to the same services that are available to other members on a non-discriminatory basis. No firm shall be expelled except for just cause, and in such manner as is established in the bylaws to insure that the expulsion is fair, objective, reasonable and non-discriminatory.

3. AED will not indulge in, or sanction, any discussions of current or future prices of construction equipment, either for sale or rent. AED meetings and publications will never be a forum for the exchange of information, which could lead to the establishment of cooperative arrangements or activities in violation of the antitrust laws.

4. AED will conduct all statistical functions on a voluntary basis, and all data collected from individual companies will be treated confidentially. Non-members who desire to participate or to receive the results of statistical surveys shall be permitted to do so. Any statistical reporting of past transactions will be reported in composite form and will be clearly spelled out as to its purposes, limitations and proper usage, on terms compatible with the antitrust laws.

5. AED will never enter into or sanction any agreements, which tend to restrict competition between members or within the industry generally. Any standards established by AED shall be formulated by a broad consensus of the membership to insure that there is no anti-competitive effect on the members or on the industry itself.

6. Trade shows sponsored by AED shall be conducted in a non-discriminatory manner. All exhibitors shall have reasonable access to the show on equal terms. AED and its members subscribe to the basic philosophy that free trade and the interaction of competitive forces yield the best allocation of economic resources, the lowest prices to customers, the highest quality, and the greatest progress. AED’s policy on antitrust reaffirms its commitment to conduct the Association’s affairs in a manner conducive to the attainment of those goals.

Adopted by the AED Board of Directors


AED Cancellation Policy:  
Refunds are not permitted within 14 business of the event unless a note is received detailing a medical emergency or other similar event.

Event Type:Annual Conference
Early registration ends on Sep 15, 2019.
Regular registration starts on Sep 16, 2019 and ends on Nov 07, 2019.
Late registration starts on Nov 08, 2019.
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