2021 Washington Fly-In

Oct 25, 2021 08:00am -
Oct 27, 2021 06:00pm

Event Description

2021 Washington Fly-In

October 25 -27

The Willard

1401 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20004


For better or for worse, what happens in our nation’s capital has a significant impact on your company’s bottom line and profitability. Think about how 100 percent bonus depreciation has benefited you and your customers. How would a long-term infrastructure plan impact your sales? Is trade uncertainty increasing your cost of doing business? Policy in Washington has a substantial effect on the industry and we need your involvement to ensure policy successes.

AED’s government affairs team does an excellent job representing your interests in Washington, but lawmakers also need to hear directly from business leaders like you about how their decisions on Capitol Hill affect our companies and employees. 

We need your help to reach all of those new representatives and tell our industry’s story. No one can convey that better than you. How are you and your customers affected by the uncertainty surrounding the federal infrastructure program? Have you and your employees benefited from lower tax rates and 100 percent full expensing of new and used equipment? Is the lack of technicians hindering your ability to service customers and forcing you to forgo business opportunities? 

Beyond affecting policy, attending the AED Washington Fly-In gives you important political intelligence to help your business planning and excellent opportunities to network with other equipment industry leaders from across the country.

Don’t be intimidated. AED will get you up to speed on everything you need to know, including the top issues impacting the industry, how to effectively advocate for your company and what to say in your meetings with congressional offices. We’ll even schedule your Capitol Hill meetings for you so you can meet directly with your representatives and their senior staff. You’ll be exposed to the most powerful lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle.


What Atteendee Say:

“AED does a great job of educating us on the issues so that you can feel confident to address them with your representatives. After we’ve been educated on the issues and use that knowledge in our meetings with our individual members of Congress, occasionally you can see the ‘light bulb’ turn on in their faces and you realize that the time away from our dealerships is well worth the effort.” – Diane Benck, West Side Tractor Sales

“AED made it easy for me to meet with my members of Congress. I was surprised to learn that legislators know very little about our industry. I talked to people on both sides of the aisle and found that we have a lot in common.” – Michael Lalonde, Westrax Machinery

“I attended my first AED Washington Fly-In the first time I was on the board. Up to that point, I never felt I could really make a difference with our congressional representatives, AED really helped me to ‘break the ice’ and get involved. Take the time to go to an AED Fly-In and have Daniel Fisher or AED staff help you through. You can make a difference" – Don Shilling, General Equipment & Supplies

“You will not get this level of insight into what is going on in Washington any other way. If you have any interest in how the federal government affects your business, this event is invaluable.” – Walter Berry, Berry Companies


Prior attendee's company include:


  • 4 Rivers Equipment, LLC
  • Admar Supply Co., Inc.
  • Alban CAT
  • Alta Equipment Company
  • Bejac Corporation
  • Berry Companies, Inc.
  • Brandeis Machinery & Supply Co.
  • Carter Machinery Company, Inc.
  • Chadwick-BaRoss Inc.
  • CMW Equipment
  • Compact Construction Equipment LLC
  • Company Wrench, Ltd.
  • Compass Equipment, Inc.
  • Ditch Witch Mid-States
  • Equipment Corporation of America
  • Faris Machinery Company
  • Flagler Construction Equipment, LLC
  • Frank Martin Sons, Inc.
  • Garton Tractor Inc.
  • General Equipment & Supplies, Inc.
  • Highway Equipment Company
  • Hoffman Equipment Co.
  • Intermountain Bobcat
  • James River Equipment LLC
  • Jesco Inc.
  • Kimball Equipment Company
  • Low Country Machinery
  • Luby Equipment Services
  • Modern Group Ltd.
  • Ohio CAT
  • Power Equipment Company
  • RDO Equipment Co.
  • Standard Equipment Company
  • Stephenson Equipment, Inc.
  • Stowers Machinery Corp.
  • Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC
  • Thompson Machinery
  • Vermeer All Roads
  • Vermeer Canada Inc.
  • Vermeer MidSouth, Inc.
  • Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service Inc.
  • Vermeer Texas-Louisiana
  • Wagner Equipment Co.
  • Westrax Machinery, Inc.
  • Wheeler Machinery Co.​


Code of Conduct
The purposes of Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) Events, and related activities, (“the Event”) are as follows:

1. To create a forum for AED members to participate in the affairs of the association;

2. To advance the common interests of equipment industry companies;

3. To partake in educational programming;

4. To network with industry colleagues;

5. To strengthen existing business relationships; and

6. To identify new business opportunities.

To further these purposes, the Association has adopted these guidelines to govern the Event. Every attendee shall be considered to have notice of these guidelines and, by being admitted to the Event, agrees to abide by them. AED reserves the right to eject any individual or company from the Event who violates these rules or who otherwise acts in a manner inconsistent with the purposes of the event. In such case, the event registration fee will not be refunded.

1) Every Event registrant shall receive a badge from AED. Individuals without official badges shall be denied Entry to the event. Badges are not transferable.

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9) The President and CEO of AED shall be the sole decision maker in interpreting and enforcing these guidelines.  Any decision made by the Association’s President and CEO regarding violation of these rules or to eject an attendee or company from the event shall be final. AED reserves the right to grant exceptions to these rules in extraordinary circumstances and the decision to do so shall not constitute a waiver of the future applicability of any rule.

10) These guidelines may be modified or changed at any time without notice to Event attendees.

Any questions about these rules or notices of violation should be directed to AED GENERAL Counsel, Michael A. Airdo, of KOPON AIRDO, LLC, at 312-506-4480, or by EMAIL at mairdo@koponairdo.com.

Antitrust Policy
Associated Equipment Distributors is subject to the Antitrust Laws of the United States, as are all businesses. Unlike most private businesses, however, the very nature of a trade association fulfills the first requirement of an antitrust violation under Section 1 of the Sherman Act, that of a “combination.”

AED therefore, recognizes the need to be constantly vigilant to prevent fulfillment of the second requirement, relating to actions which could result in an illegal “restraint of trade or commerce.” Any failure on the part of AED to comply strictly with the antitrust laws could result in severe penalties. Treble damages for successful litigants, fines and possible jail terms for individuals involved in any illegal activities, and even dis-establishment of the Association itself are all harsh remedies of the law. These penalties manifest the law’s strong public policy in favor of free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade.

Two laws of the United States which define the antitrust liabilities of trade associations, Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act and Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, are both very general in their wording and broad in their scope. Over the years, the courts have interpreted the broad language of the statutes and have provided specific examples of unlawful conduct which violate the principles set down in the law. AED recognizes that so long as it strives to conduct itself in accordance with such guidance, antitrust problems will be avoided.

Inasmuch as it is the policy of AED to comply fully in all respects with the antitrust laws , the following basic principles are endorsed by its Board of Directors as a guide for all members serving in some official capacity for the Association:

1. AED and its members shall make every effort to insure that all of their actions comply with both the letter and spirit of the antitrust statutes of the United States.

2. Any firm meeting the requirements of membership as set forth in Article IV of the bylaws shall be welcomed into AED on a non-discriminatory

basis. Once a firm becomes a member, it shall be entitled to the same services that are available to other members on a non-discriminatory basis. No firm shall be expelled except for just cause, and in such manner as is established in the bylaws to insure that the expulsion is fair, objective, reasonable and non-discriminatory.

3. AED will not indulge in, or sanction, any discussions of current or future prices of construction equipment, either for sale or rent. AED meetings and publications will never be a forum for the exchange of information, which could lead to the establishment of cooperative arrangements or activities in violation of the antitrust laws.

4. AED will conduct all statistical functions on a voluntary basis, and all data collected from individual companies will be treated confidentially. Non-members who desire to participate or to receive the results of statistical surveys shall be permitted to do so. Any statistical reporting of past transactions will be reported in composite form and will be clearly spelled out as to its purposes, limitations and proper usage, on terms compatible with the antitrust laws.

5. AED will never enter into or sanction any agreements, which tend to restrict competition between members or within the industry generally. Any standards established by AED shall be formulated by a broad consensus of the membership to insure that there is no anti-competitive effect on the members or on the industry itself.

6. Trade shows sponsored by AED shall be conducted in a non-discriminatory manner. All exhibitors shall have reasonable access to the show on equal terms. AED and its members subscribe to the basic philosophy that free trade and the interaction of competitive forces yield the best allocation of economic resources, the lowest prices to customers, the highest quality, and the greatest progress. AED’s policy on antitrust reaffirms its commitment to conduct the Association’s affairs in a manner conducive to the attainment of those goals.

Cancellation Policy
Refunds are not permitted within 72 hours of the event.

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