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  • ARDA Committee
    The committee will be responsible for, or aid staff with: • Selection of judges. • Reviewing categories and divisions. • Reviewing judging criteria. • Coordination of offsite judging. • Setting up design competition room during the convention. • Coordinating judging during convention. • Technical or procedural questions. • Being present at the design competition awards ceremony. E-mail this committee at
  • Audit Committee
    The Audit Committee performs the annual review of the finances and operation of the Institute and reports its findings to the House of Delegates. E-mail this committee at
  • Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors oversees the operation of the association’s management, differentiate between policy and operational issues that needs to be addressed by the House of Delegates, provide direction to the executive staff on matters concerning organizational operations and manage the employment the executive director. In addition, the Board, reviews budgets, plans and information presented by members and staff, as well as review materials to be presented to the House of Delegates for timeliness and appropriateness. Contact the Board of Directors by writing the president at
  • Chapter Chair Committee
    This committee is comprised of the presidents of the chapters. They meet regularly to provide open communications and education between chapters, as well as the AIBD office.
  • Codes and Standards
    The Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy Committee advocates nationally for regulatory and legislative amendments and standards reflecting the best interests of the residential design profession, and maintains a working relationship with government agencies, industries and organizations that affect our profession. E-mail this committee at
  • College of Fellows
    The highest attainable professional body within the Institute is the College of Fellows. The College is comprised of Certified Professional Members who have notably contributed to the advancement of the profession of building design by general excellence, by design and literature, or by design and public service. Email the College by writing
  • College of Fellows Jury
  • Conference Committee
    The committee will be responsible for, or aid staff with: • Site selections. • Facility selections and contract reviews. • Tour selections. • Establishing the convention budget and schedule. • Overseeing the convention website and registration. • Technical or procedural questions. • Reviewing convention management contracts. • Compiling information on possible seminars for convention. • Researching costs, scheduling, content of seminars. E-mail this committee at
  • Education Committee
    The Education Committee develops opportunities to establish educational programs within the Institute and the industry, as well as develop residential design programs within educational institutions. The Committee maintains, updates and administers the AIBD continuing education program. Email this committee at
  • Electronic Media Subcommittee
    The Electronic Media Subcommittee proposes direction, content, and purpose for the Institute's website and online processes, that are consistent with and promote the strategic marketing plan. E-mail this committee at
  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee prepares and reviews a budget for each fiscal year and seeks out and develops sources of non-dues revenue. E-mail this committee at
  • Governance and Bylaws Committee
    The mission of the Governance and Bylaws Committee shall be to review and ensure the Bylaws are adhered to by all members. The Committee shall also make recommendations for modifications to the Bylaws and the Book of Rules as well as review any proposed revisions offered by the general membership or other standing committees; and governance related issues affecting the Institute. This review is to ensure wording and changes are consistent with the Bylaws and shall include an objective pro and con analysis of the proposed change. E-mail this committee at
  • High Performance Homes Team
    The High Performance Homes Team strives to be the resource for designers, builders and consumers in the quest to design and build energy efficient, comfortable and environmentally safe homes. E-mail this committee at
  • Marketing Committee
    The Marketing Committee develops the message and methods the Institute will use for marketing. E-mail this committee at
  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee develops programs and opportunities that will encourage residential designers, industry professionals and corporate associates to become members. It develops and analyzes surveys of the membership and of targeted groups outside AIBD. E-mail this committee at
  • NCBDC - Board of Examiners
    The NCBDC Accreditation Program certifies competency of professional building designers in ethics, procedures, architectural styling, structural engineering and construction principles, processes, materials and methods. Certification as a CPBD and the authorized use of our certification mark, assures consumers and other industry professionals that the person has met the critical requirements of a Certified Professional Building Designer. Email the Council by writing
  • Nomination Committee
    The Nominating Committee shall recommend at least one candidate for each elected office for the ensuing term. E-mail this committee at
  • Publications Subcommittee
    The Publications Subcommittee oversees the purpose, content, appearance, production, and distribution of the Institute’s periodical publications, and membership and marketing materials, in print and/or electronic formats. E-mail this committee at
  • Residential Plan Standards Booklet Task Force
  • Resolutions Committee
    The Resolutions Committee reviews all grievances, internal or external, brought before the Institute and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. E-mail this committee at
  • Student Chapter Advisory Committee
    The Student Chapter Advisory Committee provides a forum for the AIBD Student Chapters to collectively support each other through resources, opportunities, and strategic planning; while acting as a liaison representing the chapters before the AIBD Board of Directors and State Societies. Email this committee at
  • Universal Design Committee
    The Universal Design Committee provides resources to help our members develop their universal design skills and use of universal design methods. [Currently inactive and would welcome volunteers] E-mail this committee at

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