2016 AIPG Annual Conference - New Mexico: Land of Geologic Confluences and Cultural Crossroads

Sep 10, 2016 08:00am -
Sep 13, 2016 05:00pm

Event Description


This year the 53rd meeting of the American Institute of Professional Geologists National Conference is being held in the beautiful and historic city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Set aside September 10th to the 13th to attend this years’ conference, “New Mexico: Land of Geologic Confluences and Cultural Crossroads”.


The New Mexico section is co-hosting the event and we are delighted to host and show off our enchanting land. It’s an exciting time for geologists as we are continuously challenged to work with economic resources and environmental responsibilities inherent to our profession. As always, our national conferences provide opportunities to learn from knowledgeable speakers and one another’s experiences. Our planning committee has been working to organize several field trips and tours. The geologically dynamic landscapes of northern and central New Mexico include the unique rift valley of the Rio Grande, stretching from southern Colorado to Chihuahua, Mexico. The confluence of three geologic provinces, the Colorado Plateau, the Basin and Range and the Southern Rocky Mountains has left wonderful landscapes and exciting geology. The rift has provided its inhabitants a north-south route following a bountiful river for several thousand years.


Abundant resources are found here and ancient cultures established homelands that continue to thrive today. Nineteen Pueblos are located in New Mexico and sixteen are directly associated with the Rio Grande. These Native people still maintain cultural and religious ties to the river, land and air. Field trips include the Valles Caldera, Ghost Ranch, Taos Pueblo, Sandia Crest, and several other tours that will be available for you to experience these unique and rich crossroads.


The planning committee looks forward to seeing you here in New Mexico, September 10th to the 13th. Thank you for your time and consideration!


John D Sorrell, CPG-11366
AIPG New Mexico Section President
Conference Co-Chairman


Susan von Gonten, CPG-10966
AIPG New Mexico Section Treasurer
Conference Co-Chairman


Thomas Reynolds, CPG-11186
Conference Co-Chairman



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