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B. Business 101: Marketing, Budgeting, and Rates OH MY!
(Event: 2020 AMTA Conference)

Nov 19, 2020 10:00 am - Nov 19, 2020 1:00 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


Marketing, budgeting, and rate setting are critical pieces to running a successful business. Learn effective strategies for these key skills.  Whether you are just starting out or need some new ideas, you won’t want to miss this information which will help you to grow your business.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will identify 3 IRS guidelines and regulations for effective and legal budgetary and rate setting guidelines. (CBMT Domain V. B. 3)
  2. Participants will identify how to make a budget and set rates appropriately to make a profit form their business. (CBMT Domain V. B. 19)
  3. Participants will identify at least 5  marketing strategies to use in their business. (CBMT Domain V. B. 19)


  • 10 minutes: Introduction and learn about the participants. 
  • 5 minutes: An overview of the agenda and what to expect throughout the day. 
  • 35 minutes: What is marketing and how can it be used effectively: Social media marketing: Using Facebook, Instagram, Linkdedin, YouTube and Twitter.  In person Marketing, Networking, How to track it to make sure it is all working.
  • 10 Minute  BREAK
  • 50 minutes:  Budgeting:  Income and Expenses. Learning the language- return on investment, profit margins, expenses, and income. How to create a budget. Predicting expenses, looking at the history, determine income. Accounting: Cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheet. Tracking expenses based on IRS guidelines
  • 10 minutes: BREAK
  • 35 minutes:  How to set your rates based on what we learned. IRS considerations regarding setting rates and reporting income. Confidence in selling your services.
  • 10 minutes: Have participants share actions steps they can start doing immediately to start of grow their business. 
  • 10  minutes:  Questions and final words of wisdom
  • 10 minutes:       FINAL EVALUATION



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