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CMTE Y. Identity &Relationships in Healthcare: Societal & Ethical Considerations of Subtle Discrimin
(Event: 2016 AMTA Conference - Under the Canopy: The Music Therapy Profession)

Nov 12, 2016 01:30 pm - Nov 12, 2016 04:30 pm
Session Type: CMTE Course
Track: .


Participants will explore, identify, and discuss examples of subtle discrimination that can occur in the clinical setting related to patient diagnosis, assessment and treatment. The topics of pain, addiction/ recovery, advocacy, and society’s depiction of mental illness will be explored. Scenarios which present ethical dilemmas will also be examined.


  • Obj. #1: Participants will explore the concept of identity and how it affects therapeutic and professional relationships (CBMT Domain II.A.1.f; IV.B.7,20)
  • Obj. #2: Participants will identify potential areas of subtle discrimination related to patient diagnosis, assessment, and treatment (CBMT Domain I.C.4; I.D.9,10; III.B.2,3)
  • Obj. #3: Participants will consider and discuss scenarios that present ethical dilemmas subject to bias in several treatment settings (CBMT Domain III.B.2,3; IV.B.7,10)
  • Participants will explore personal judgement related to professional relationships and music therapy advocacy efforts (CBMT Domain III.B.3; IV.B.7,20)


Hour one:
Introduction/overview (10 minutes)
Presentation of material (20 minutes)
Experiential exercises and discussion (20 minutes)
Break (10 minutes)


Hour two:
Group leading/music experience (15 minutes)
Process/discuss (15 minutes)
Presentation of material and discussion (20 minutes)
Break (10 minutes)


Hour three:
Examine group scenarios (20 minutes)
Presentation of material (10 minutes)
Small and large group discussion (20 minutes)
Questions/closure (10 minutes)



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