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Lessons Learned from the NOLS Risk Management Incident Data System
(Event: 2017 Marketing & Management Conference)

Dec 06, 2017 1:15pm - Dec 06, 2017 2:15pm
Session Type: Presentation
Track: Risk Management


Micro Session Risk Management

Lesson Learned from the NOLS Risk Management Incident Data System – Drew Leemon

Since 1985 NOLS has maintained a database of risk management incidents that includes injury, illness, evacuation, near miss and behavioral incidents. In the 33-year history of the database NOLS has almost 18,000 records and 4.5 million risk exposure days for over 105,000 students. The database is a foundational component of the NOLS risk management culture and is used to inform NOLS field practices, provide a verifiable record of incidents, and to provide information to prospective students and their families.  It has contributed to the greater knowledge and understanding of wilderness injuries and illnesses with nine peer-reviewed published papers. In this presentation Drew will provide an overview of the NOLS incident reporting system, including where it’s been successful and how it’s been challenging.  He will reveal the most common injuries encountered for various market segment by demographics and by activity.  Drew will provide attendees with information on how they can implement an incident database in their organizations which will help direct their training protocols.