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What Could Go Wrong? Analyzing Emergency & Crisis Management after a Critical Incident
(Event: 2017 Marketing & Management Conference)

Dec 06, 2017 10:00am - Dec 06, 2017 11:00am
Session Type: Presentation
Track: Legal/HR/Risk Management


Micro Session Risk Management

What Could Go Wrong?  Analyzing Emergency and Crisis Management after a Critical Incident – Drew Leemon

In July 2011, a group of seven NOLS students backpacking in Alaska encountered an adult Grizzly bear and four of the students were attacked and injured, three of them seriously. The students were evacuated the next day and the injured students recovered. This incident was a major test of the NOLS emergency and crisis management systems, particularly in terms of media coverage and family support. No legal action was brought against NOLS from the injured students. In addition, NOLS conducted a thorough review of the incident which led to a complete overhaul of the NOLS curriculum and practices for traveling in Grizzly bear habitat. In this presentation Drew will provide an overview of the incident, describe NOLS’ short and long-term response, and the significant lessons learned.