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APTAC Vendor Marketplace - Outreach Systems

OutreachSystems is proud to say that we never stand still!

Outreach system offers two dynamic applications designed specifically for you, the PTAC community: Neoserra and eCenter Direct, both of which have gotten a facelift in the last year and have enhanced feature lists that continues to grow based upon your suggestions and feedback.  We are constantly looking to improve our services and products to meet your needs and to take advantage of the latest technologies! 

After more than 25 years of service to the PTAC community, OutreachSystems is proud to provide the complete solution for all Procurement Technical Assistance Centers that is sophisticated, intuitive and modern. And, of course, both products are completely mobile friendly.

We look forward to talking to you either in person at an APTAC conference or you can call us at 805-967-1280 for more information. 
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Neoserra is OutreachSystem's latest customer relationship management (CRM) system, designed specifically for non-profit economic development programs with a modern inteface to help you track your clients, their successes and their needs

The Neoserra CRM application allows you to manage your client data with the goal of improving your client relationships and driving their growth. 

Neoserra does all this WHILE ensuring your DLA compliance!

Neoserra also offers a robust reporting module offering both built-in and custom reports.


eCenter Direct

Neoserra is bundled with the eCenter Direct client portal.

Using eCenter Direct, your clients can:

  • sign up for services;
  • sign up for training events; and/or
  • complete client surveys.

Data entered by your clients on eCenter Direct is seamlessly integrated into your Neoserra database!


Have you ever needed to look up a client record using your mobile device?
     Of course! And it is easy with the mobile-friendly Neoserra.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your client emails automatically were recorded in the Neoserra database?
     Who wouldn’t!  With Neoserra this is a breeze.

Have you ever wanted to generate a custom report?
     Neoserra comes complete with standard reports and the ability to create your own custom reports.

Do you want an integrated calendar?

Do you want to add sticky notes to your client records?

Do you want to see your survey results in graphical format?

If your answer is yes, yes, yes, then don’t hesitate to call OutreachSystems now: 805-967-1280.

Come find out why everyone is talking about the robust services offered by OutreachSystems (www.outreachsystems.com).


All information contained on this page is provided by the vendor and does not constitute an endorsement by APTAC