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No. Position Statements.
  Complete Bundle of Statements (#'s 1-36, 20 complete sets)
1 Hard Trowel Finish on Air-entrained Concrete
2 Location of Rolled Welded-Wire Fabric in Concrete
3 Coatings that Affect Bond to Reinforcement
4 Trowel Marks on Concrete Floors
5 Specifications for Crack Repair
6 Division 3 versus Division 9 Floor Flatness Tolerances
7 Birdbaths on Concrete Slab
8 Bugholes in Formed Concrete
9 Slab Thickness Tolerances
10 Moisture-Sensitive Floor Coverings on Concrete Slabs
11 Appearance Requirements for Concrete Slabs
12 Responsibility for Buying Concrete
13 Use of ACI Committee Reports and Guides in Project Specifications
14 Anchor Bolt Tolerances
15 Setting Time Expectations for Hard-Trowel Finishing
16 Referee Test for Flexural Strength Acceptance
17 Free Fall of Concrete
18 Concrete Tolerance Coordination
19 Balcony Drainage
20 Testing Fresh Concrete at Point of Delivery
21 Contractor Value Engineering
22 Reverse Auction Bidding
23 Contraction Joints in Elevated Slabs
24 Tolerances for Suspended Concrete Slabs
25 Floor Finishing Specifications
26 Misuses of the Moisture-Vapor Emission Test
27 Formed Surface Requirements for Waterproofed Walls
28 Retarded Setting
29 Crack in Slabs on Ground
30 Slab Curling

Calcium Chloride


Concrete Discharge Time Requirements


Cracks In Structural Concrete


Who Pays For Additional Testing


The Effect of Curling on Floor Flatness


The Effect of Deflection on Floor Flatness

Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete Position Statements
  Appearance Requirements for Colored Concrete Slabs
  Base Preparation for Slabs on Grade
  Preconstruction Meeting for Acid Stained Floors
  Curing Decorative Concrete
  Jointing and Crack Control in Decorative Concrete Applications
  Efflorescence and Colored Concrete
  Responsibility for Moisture Testing Concrete Floors

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