BEA Industry Job Postings 6/01/2014 - current


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Two tenure-track assistant professor positions -- West Chester University of Pennsylvania   10/17/2014

Dean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts -- SUNY Oswego   10/15/2014

Tenure Track Assistant Professor in TV/Media Studies -- California State University Los Angeles   10/15/2014

Assistant Professor Digital Media Writing and Production -- California State University, Chico   10/14/2014

Assistant Professor Full-time, Tenure-Track - California State University, Northridge   10/14/2014

Assistant Professor of Communication Law Policy -- The University of Washington Tacoma   10/14/2014

Digital Audio and Video Production, Assistant Professor -- California State University, Chico   10/14/2014

Tenure Track COMS Assistant Professor- Video Production -- California State University, Sacramento   10/9/2014

Full-time tenure track Assistant Professor in the Department of Radio, Television, and Film -- Rowan University   10/6/2014

Sports Production/Broadcasting Instructor -- Western Illinois University   10/6/2014

Assistant Professor of Public Relations (tenure-track) -- University of West Georgia    10/3/2014

Chair, Department of Media Studies and Production -- Temple University   10/3/2014

Convergence Journalism Lecturer -- University of West Georgia    10/3/2014

Communication and Broadcasting Technology Full-Time Faculty Member -- Montgomery College   10/2/2014

Assistant Professor in New Media and Interactive Design -- Missouri State University    9/29/2014

Assistant Professor of Digital Media Production -- Drake University   9/29/2014

Lecturer of Advertising -- Marist College   9/26/2014

Assistant Professor of Broadcasting -- Stephen F. Austin State University   9/25/2014

Assistant Professor of Multimedia Communications -- Elon University    9/25/2014

Associate/Assistant Professor of Communication -- John Carroll University   9/25/2014

Assistant Professor of Film & Media Arts -- Southern Methodist University    9/23/2014

Assistant Professor of Communications (Production) -- The College of Saint Rose   9/22/2014

Full-time tenure track Assistant Professor in the Department of Radio, Television, and Film -- Rowan University   9/22/2014

Broadcasting Instructor -- Mississippi State University,   9/18/2014

Digital Journalism Tenure-Track -- California State University Fullerton   9/18/2014

Entertainment and Tourism Communication Studies -- California State University, Fullerton    9/18/2014

Howard Distinguished Endowed Professorship in Media Management and Law -- University of Tennessee, Knoxville   9/18/2014

Integrated Communications -- California State University Fullerton   9/18/2014

Integrated Communications Lecturer -- California State University Fullerton   9/18/2014

Lecturer in Production/Department of Media Arts/University of North Texas   9/18/2014

Lecturer in Production/Department of Media Arts -- University of North Texas   9/16/2014

Assistant Professor in Journalism and Telecommunications -- Pennsylvania State University   9/15/2014

Assistant or Associate Professor in Television Production – California State University, Northridge   9/10/2014

 Chair, Department of Communication Studies -- Texas Tech University   9/10/2014

Assistant Professor of Multimedia Journalism -- Ohio Northern University   9/10/2014

5 Regional Digital Account Executive Positions -- LIN Media   9/8/2014

Associate Professor of Magazine Media -- Drake University   9/8/2014

National Digital Account Executive - LIN Media   9/8/2014

Multiple Positions - Syracuse University   9/8/2014

Tenure-Track, Broadcasting Position-- University of South Carolina    9/8/2014

Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is currently recruiting our 2015 class of fellows   9/8/2014

Assistant Professor, Media Technology Innovation and Effects Research -- Florida State University   8/26/2014

Vice Dean of the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication -- Hofstra University   8/25/2014

Tenure-track Assistant Professor -- UNLV   8/15/2014

Assistant Professor of Journalism -- Loyola University Maryland   8/15/2014

Assistant Professor of Practice -- Texas Tech   8/15/2014

Assistant/Associate Professor/Telecommunications -- Ball State University   8/15/2014

Clinical Instructor, Visual Communication and Visual Storytelling -- University of St. Thomas   8/15/2014

Assistant Professor in Digital Media Production -- California State University, San Bernardino   8/8/2014

The Ross Beach Chair for Mass Communications -- Kansas State University    8/8/2014

Assistant Adjunct Professor/Daily Bruin Advisor -- UCLA   7/31/2014

Assistant Professor of Practice in Sports Media, College of Media and Communication -- Texas Tech University   7/31/2014

Visiting Documentary Filmmaker (Residency) -- Robert Morris University   7/23/2014

Director of the School of Journalism and Telecommunications -- University of Kentucky   7/17/2014

Post-Doc in Crisis/Emergency Communication -- Texas Tech University   7/15/2014

Assistant Professor, News and Media Management -- The University of Miami   7/8/2014

Media Arts & Technologies Engineer (MA&T) -- Montgomery College   7/8/2014

Wolfson Chair in Communication -- The University of Miami   7/8/2014

Director of College Broadcast Services -- Saddleback College   6/25/2014

Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the area of digital culture -- University of Pennsylvania   6/20/2014

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Journalism -- Auburn University   6/19/2014   

Tenure-Track Position in Media Studies/Assistant Professor of Film Studies -- Auburn University   6/19/2014

Assistant/Associate Professor of Animation and Motion Graphics -- Oklahoma Baptist University    6/17/2014

Instructor/Assistant/Associate Professor in Broadcast Journalism -- Oklahoma Baptist University    6/17/2014

Lecturer, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts -- Central Michigan University   6/5/2014

Visiting Instructor of Cinema & Media Communication -- George Fox University   6/2/2014