Achieving Teller Excellence

Nov 09, 2011 02:30pm -
Nov 09, 2011 04:30pm

Event Description


Your teller staff and all supervisors and trainers responsible for making a positive impact with tellers.


This highly motivating workshop continues to evolve as the premier teller workshop. Attended by tens of thousands of tellers across the country for over 20 years, the workshop enjoys exceptional reviews from participants.

Managers and head tellers say this program gets the point across about the responsibility the teller has in influencing the ongoing impression customers have of the institution. Here are some questions the program has answers for...

• Have a concern your tellers don't take pride in their work?
• Are you ready to reduce errors, eliminate balancing problems and increase adherence to dress code and other   policies?
• Looking for ways to improve attitudes, customer service delivery and cross-selling statistics?
• Want some reinforcement to convince your tellers that what is expected of them can change quickly or that they need to learn to take the initiative on picking up the workload without prodding?

Throughout the program excellent tips and techniques will be explored that deal with the skill sets, attitude and knowledge a teller must acquire to achieve excellence.

This workshop will convince participants of several critical facts.

1. The teller position continues to be one of the most important jobs in your financial institution.
2. How a teller performs on the job is equally important.
3. Tellers earn a reputation on the job and with customers.

Check out these topics to be covered...
•  Follow Procedure - some procedures can save money, some can spare criticism from the regulators, and others can save time, a few help spare lives.
•  Maintain Flexibility - successful tellers must meet the need to be flexible whether that is the hours they work or the people they work with or wait on.
•  Manage Risk - tellers become expert risk managers as they meet the challenges of cashing checks, reviewing ID, responding responsibly to robbery training and other security issues.
•  Promote Sales and Provide Service - the "inside sales force" is the teller line and like all customer contact personnel the teller must always be aware of sales opportunities while providing exceptional service.
•  Master the Balancing Act - developing consistent habits in dispensing and receiving cash as well as becoming efficient with common, everyday transactions are the safeguards to balancing.
•  Keep a Positive Attitude - the one thing in life we all have an equal shot at, and complete responsibility for, is our attitude.
•  Beware of the Sticky Stuff - tellers have to learn how to deal with the difficult customer and how to demonstrate professionalism when dealing with difficult situations.


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